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How To Become A Law Enforcer

Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation

Do you want to help people? Would you like to be able to protect people from harm or injustice? If so, then you may want to consider attending law enforcement school.

How To Become A Law Enforcement OfficerIf you have decided that a career as a law enforcement officer is what you are interested in, then here are the steps you should take:

1. Get your pre-requisites taken care of. In order to become a law enforcement officerit is strongly recommended (although not required) that you earn your law enforcement degree. However, if you are planning on earning your law enforcement degree, there are several things you will need in order to be accepted into a law enforcement school program.

You will need to have a clean criminal background check, and good credit. Most law enforcement schools will require that you pass a physical, and that you have earned your high school diploma or GED. Finally, you will need to be of legal age (depending on where you plan to study this can vary), in order to be accepted into law enforcement school.

There are also several other relatively basic requirements that most law enforcement schools will require you to meet, such as being a citizen of the country you plan to work in, and having a valid driver’s license.

2. Attend law enforcement school. As part of your law enforcement degree program, you will take a variety of law enforcement courses. Some of these law enforcement courses will focus on specific areas of policing, emergency response, and human rights. However, you will also take law enforcement courses on things like being physically fit, and how to deal with people in a crisis situation.

Your law enforcement school program will also help you to prepare for the police foundations exam, which you will need to take before you will be hired by any police service.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to earn a law enforcement degree in order to find a job in the field, however, the knowledge and skills you will earn in law enforcement school will give you an advantage when competing in the job market against individuals who have not earned their law enforcement degree.

3. Pass examinations. Once you have earned your law enforcement degree, you will need to pass the exams that each individual state or county holds in order to be eligible to be hired onto their police force. These exams typically consist of both a written test and a physical component. Most police forces will require that you pass the test with a minimum grade in order to be submitted into their hiring pool. Passing the test will not necessarily guarantee you a job.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, then you should also take some time to think about whether you are interested in any areas of specialization, as well as where you plan to work. Some states or provinces may have different requirements, and if you plan to work somewhere other than where you currently reside, that should be a consideration.

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