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International Teacher Salary & Career Facts

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Teaching internationally is a career that only a few years ago was a fall back for domestic teachers. But, today, with the increasing demand for teachers internationally, and the desire for people to travel and make a decent salary doing so, many students set out to becoming an international teacher when going to teaching school and working on their teaching degree. 

Career of International Teacher

In fact, many students also opt for the alternative because they do not need to get a Masters trenching degree. Once they get an undergraduate degree, they simply are required to take a teaching course for international teachers. Often, you can do these teaching courses online and at your convenience.

International Teacher Salary Information

Teaching school graduates choose to teach internationally for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a life experience, some want the chance to travel and live in another country, and others do it because they can make a good living.

How much you make as a teacher internationally is competitive with how much you can make as a teacher domestically. On average, international teachers can make anywhere from $ 30, 000 to $ 50, 000 per year or more.

How much you make is dependent on whether or not you have a teaching degree and when to teaching school, in addition to your level of experience, and area of specialization. Every country is different and this is why it is so important for teaching school graduates to take the time to research their international teaching options.
Things to think about before Teaching Internationally

Before you decide to teach internationally there are lots of things that you need to factor into your decision. Some of the most important include:

• Taxation internationally and domestically when you return
• Does the teaching school provide a flightthere and home
• The duration of your teaching school contract
• The living situation and conditions of the country you choose
• Potential teaching bonuses

International Teacher Career Facts

As part of assessing your career options, teaching school students need to understand what to expect once they get their teaching degree. Teaching internationally can be very different than teaching in your home country. Here are some interesting career facts about being an international teacher:

• Having a teaching degree is optimal, but not required to teach internationally.
• You will be required to take an international teaching course program to quality as an international teacher. Most complete this once they get an undergraduate degree.
• Your salary will vary based on the country that you work in and other things like your experience and the type of school you work in.
• Many school provide accommodations for teachers, which is a significant cost saving.
• Korea has one of the best salary/hours work ratio in the world for teaching school.
• Having a teaching degree will impact how much you will make per year.
If you are considering becoming an international teacher, use this information understand what to expect in terms of salary and career options.

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