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International Business Schools

International Business

What is an International Business School?

An international business school is a post-secondary institution that teaches the basics of international business opportunities at the degree level. The courses are geared towards the possibility of making a business grow both locally and internationally. Some industries that may benefit from international business opportunities may include: 

Schools of International Business

• Hospitality industries (hotels, restaurants, spas, etc.)
• Media firms and agencies
• Financial industries
• Medical supplies
• Real estate industries

There are many other industries that would benefit from global business opportunities, and most start locally and expand outwards. Post-secondary schooling within the realm of international business would help you understand how to maximize a local business and make it grow internationally. 

What Type of Courses are Taught in International Business Schools?

At the degree level, international business courses revolve around accounting, commerce, and business practices. Some international business courses include, but are not limited to:

• Customs
• Trade and finance at the international level
• Accounting principles (basic and advanced)
• How to import and export
• Logistics
• Cultural norms
• Ethics
• Negotiations and delegation
• Business management

There are many other courses that are taught, but depending on the level of the degree, classes may differ. Different types of degrees may include:

• Online or in-school BBA degree (Bachelor’s of Business Administration)
• Online or in-school MBA degree (Master’s of Business Administration)
• Part-time courses
• Fast-track schooling options (depending on institution)

Overall, international business schools differ, as well as the program structure, so contacting the institution directly would be the best option to determine if the field of international business is something you would like. 

What Type of Skills do I need to Enter the Field of International Business?

International business is a very diverse field that incorporates commerce as well as general business practices. Some skills that are helpful when entering international business may include:

• The ability to speak and write more than one language on a professional level
• An understanding of diverse cultures and the ability to be sensitive to each
• The ability to stand long flights
• Understanding of globalization and commercial sectors abroad
• Time management
• Geographic knowledge
• A ‘bigger picture’ mentality

Other skills such as the ability to multitask and manage large teams will come into play also. If you enjoy a fast-paced and multifaceted working experience, then international business schooling would be of great benefit. 

What is the Employment Outlook for International Business Graduates?

With globalization on the rise, international business careers are a lucrative possibility that can lead to a great paying and rewarding job. Many sectors that employ international business school graduates include:

• Banking industries, both local and abroad
• Interpretation services
• Teaching services
• International business management for large corporations
• Film and entertainment industries
• Media agencies
• Consulting firms
• Treasuries

There are a series of other job opportunities within the field of international business, but overall, financial, marketing, and corporate bodies are the most lucrative workplace opportunities. 

How Do I Get Started in International Business?

Contacting a post-secondary international business school that offers viable degree programs is a great start to embark on a rewarding career in international business. As well, speaking to people within the field of international business is a great way to understand the lifestyle and hours that they work to see if it suits you!

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