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How Much Does a Design Manager Make Per Year?

Interior Design

How Much Does a Design Manager Make Per Year?

A design manager has complex position that entails working within a multitude of
fields to achieve a profitable end result. Typically, a design manager works with
diverse companies and clients, helping them successfully bring their ideas to life
with a design strategy and development process.
A design manager can bring value to a company by focusing on core elements such
as:How Much Does a Design Manager Make Per Year? - Design Manager Schools

• Using project management procedures, straying from heavy investments put
into third-party marketing firms (low return on investment)
• Making design plans which are followed through until the end
• Working within the company and knowing all aspects of the company and
how they are affected (customers, budgets, different departments, other
management, etc.), leading to more personalized and effective results
• Working on a regular basis within the business and with clients
• Understanding, adhering to, and coming up with a more effective budget

There Design management aspects that lead to a higher return for the company, but
the aspects above are the most common. Design managers tend to make-up and
implement the most fitting budgets, time practices and work programs, leading to
higher marketing and procedural results for less.

Are There Different Types of Design Managers?

A design manager can shift from field to field depending on their experience. The
field is very wide and may include the need for:

• Urban design
• Service design
• Product design
• Branding design
• Architectural design
• Engineering design
• Business design

There may be a need for certain experience for each field (e.g. engineering or
architectural), but with proper training, design managers can impact many different

What Schooling is Needed to Become a Design Manager?

You can enter the field of design management either with a certificate program,
diploma program, or degree program (bachelor’s or master’s) depending on the
complexity of the field.

A master’s degree is usually preferred since you would not only understand the
basics of design, you would learn about the business aspects as well. Also, extra
courses in project management procedures or business and management is a bonus
and can add to your resume for future employment opportunities.

What is the Job Outlook for a Design Manager?

The job outlook is excellent since there are many up-and-coming corporations and
entrepreneurial endeavors that are taking place. In terms of places that hire design
managers, the most common include:

• Design firms
• Engineering design firms
• Product design firms
• Print design firms
• Urban (community) design firms
• Architectural design firms
• Branding design firms

The annual pay is roughly $ 83,000.00 per annum, making for a high earning bracket
as well as enough experience to run an independent business.

There is heavy working potential and plenty of areas in the field of design
management to break into. If becoming a design manager is something that would
interest you, talking to someone in the field would be a great way to understand the
everyday roles and responsibilities.
As well, speaking to a reputable institution is an excellent way to understand what
credentials you need to enter the field, how long the courses will take, and what
placement options are available to you before or upon graduation.

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