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Design Management Schools

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Many people struggle with their education choices because they are torn between two areas of interest. Many people often end up choosing one area of interest over another; however, there are an increasing number of schools that are offering hybrid programs that bring multiple areas of interest together. If you have a creative mind and also have a knack for business then finding a career that includes both is an ideal career option. One such option to think about is design management. 

Design Management Schools

What is Design Management?

If you have a creative mind and have an interest in business, then design management could be what you are looking for as a career option. Design management is essentially the business component of the design industry. Design management is has multiple layers as it is the linkage between elements such as business management, design innovation, and technology.

One of the main goals for design management is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of design by bringing together the art of design and the functionality and efficiency of business and management practices.

Degree Options for Design Management

Design management offers education options at a variety of levels. Both universities and community colleges offer degree options that will be available to students at all levels. Depending on the type of position you want to pursue within the design industry you can obtain one of the following degrees:

• Master of Design Management
• Master of Design, Branding and Strategy
• Master of Design Innovation
• Master of Integrated Design
• MBA is Design Strategy
• Master of Professional Studies in Design Management
• BA of Design Management
• BA of Design Studies
• BSc of Industrial Design
• BSc of Industrial Design and Technology
• BA of Design Marketing
• Certificate in Design Management

There is no shortage of education options to pursue in this area. Which program you decide to take will depend on your specific area of interest in design.

Programs and Courses

Here are some of the most common courses that students take at design management schools. Courses include:

• Design Research and Development
• Design Strategy
• Design Project Management
• Business Planning
• Design Business Communications
• Leadership
• Legal Issues in Design Management

Many programs and schools also offer students the opportunity to enroll in an internship course to gain some practical experience in the field. If you are interested in doing an internship, then make sure that the schools you are considering include it as part of their course offerings.

Career Options in Design Management

Graduating with a degree in design management will open the door for a career in a number of different positions. Some of the most common that seek out design management graduates include:

• Creative Director
• Brand Managers and Department Managers
• Design Directors
• Design Strategists and Researchers

Getting a degree in this area sets you up for a management position with a design company in the future. If this is something that interests you, then you should seriously consider getting a degree in Design Management.

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