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Worship Studies Salary & Career Facts

Interdisciplinary Studies

Worship Studies Salary & Career Facts

Obtaining a Worship Studies degree is the first step for worship leaders and for those pursuing a career in the ministry. A worship studies degree will provide students with the knowledge of the biblical foundations, historical development, theological reflection and cultural analysis for effective worship ministry in today’s changing environment.

Worship Studies Salary & Career Facts - Worship Studies SchoolsThe worship leaders of today have a broader role than ever before. With this new reality, the many worship studies schools around the world are preparing worship leaders by offering specific worship studies degrees. Today you have the opportunity to make an important decision that could significantly impact the lives of others, further your personal ministry, and influence the future of worship in the church. 

Worship Studies Degree 

Recognizing the multi-faceted nature of Christian worship, the worship studies degree is designed to equip students towork in the areas of worship, liturgics, and music by providing both theoretical learning and practical opportunities for skill development in a combination of those disciplines.

In addition to meeting the mission and purpose outlined in most worship study schools, a worship studies degree will enable each graduate to:

• Develop an understanding of worship from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives.
• Develop and hone musical skills.
• Incorporate the arts and technology into worship.
• Demonstrate skills in service design and worship leadership.

Some worship studies degree specializations include Church Planting, Ethnomusicology and Leadership.Students in worship studies degree programs should also take courses in a variety of general arts and sciences too, so as to enable them to acquire an adequate foundation and context for their chosen area of studies, and to develop a critical appreciation of worship in general. Biblical and Theological Studies establish anchor points for effective Christian thinking, living, and serving in the church and in society. Taking courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences deepen the understanding and heighten the appreciation of human nature, thoughts, cultures, and societies.

Overall a Worship Studies school designs programs to equip worship leaders to better serve the church as skilled, passionate leaders of worship, equipped to fit the needs of today’s post-modern culture. The specialized worship studies degree allows students to study and practice context-specific Biblical and theological competencies in worship and worship theories practical to the local church. Students will take comprehensive worship studies courses in qualitative and quantitative research methods, developing knowledge and expertise to function in a variety of worship cultures and contexts within the evangelical community.

Graduates of a worship studies school are prepared to take on careers as pastors, child and youth workers, community directors and much more. Depending on the area they choose to practise the salary options for a worship studies school graduate are quite good, professions like community director’s make up to $ 76,000 a year. Depending on the size of the ministry, pastors make a media salary of $ 48,000 a year.

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