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Worship Studies FAQ’s

Interdisciplinary Studies

Worship Studies FAQ’s 

What are worship studies? 

Worship studies is a program designed to teach students how to be an inspiring and informed worship leader or pastor. By learning about the Biblical, historical and practical aspects of worship, you will be to learn about worship on a deeper level. Worship studies combines both the practical aspect of church leadership along with the complex history of worship and Bible studies. Worship studies is designed to prepare you for a career as a church leader. 

Worship Studies FAQ’s - Worship Studies Schools

What are some career opportunities for a degree in worship studies? 

Most likely, a church official will hire you as worship leader or a pastor. When looking to hire a worship leader, church officials are looking for potential employees who have a Bachelor’s degree in worship studies. A degree in worship studies means you are thoroughly educated about the history of religion and are able to inspire a deeper connection with your fellow worshippers. An increasing number of online schools are beginning to offer worship studies degree programs for future pastors and worship leaders. 

What courses will I take in a worship studies program? 

The courses you take largely depend on the program you chose. However, you will typically take the following courses:

● Introduction to Christian Worship
● Worship in the Bible
● The Development of Christian Worship
● Worship Renewal Movements of the 20th Century
● Principles of Christian Worship
● How to Lead Worship
● Change Management, the Church and the Worship Leader
● The Life of the Worship Leader
● Areas of Special Interest in Worship
● Ethnomusicology
● Church Administration 

How do I choose the right worship studies program for me?

Since the worship studies is part of an expanding industry, there are several worship studies programs offered at online schools. There are multiple websites that can help you find online degree programs that offer courses in worship studies, in addition to traditional worship studies schools.

After finding a worship studies program suitable for you, it is important to find out if the program is respected for its worship studies education. The better reputation your chosen school has for teaching future church leaders, the better chance you will have to be hired as a worship leader.

You can find plenty of helpful information by going to the U.S. Department of Education’s website and searching for the online school that interests you. It is extremely important to do this before committing to a worship studies program. After ensuring that the worship studies program is accredited, you need to find out the following information:

● Admission requirements
● Courses offered
● Potential career paths
● Graduation Rate

Overall, the first step in beginning a rewarding career as a worship leader or pastor is enrolling in worship studies program.

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