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Online Computer Security Degree

Information Systems

What is Computer Security?

Computer security is a fast evolving field that involves protecting users from outside threats by understanding what mechanisms are used in computer programs. Certain roles that computer security specialists may engage in include: 

Online Degree in Computer Security

• Coding or installing a security program
• Performing online security checks for both companies and users
• Understanding security law to implement measures against harmful applications and users
• Understanding or making computer protection software as part of a team
• Working general computer security jobs as part of an IT team or on a freelance basis
• Reporting directly to the proper authorities when security is breached or working to resolve the breach directly
• Ensuring private or sensitive information is fully protected against outside threats

There are a series of other roles that may be performed in the field of computer security, but generally, it involves working as part of an IT team and ensuring security for either a business or information is maintained at all times. 

What are the Duties of a Computer Security Specialist?

On a day-to-day basis, there may be a series of different duties that a computer security specialist may perform, including:

• Implementing or designing specific security architectures for different businesses
• Making secure codes and applications for sensitive information
• Looking into computer security breaches and minimizing future threats
• Constantly keeping up to date with computer security legislation
• Maintaining cloud systems and ensuring there are few external threats
• Working with access control on a regular basis and re-programming or completely reinstalling outdated or unsecure software
• Working with a large team to problem solve
• Preventing hacking and fraud by installing up-to-date and newer technology that comes onto the market

There may be other duties depending on the work environment, but typically, the computer security specialist would be responsible for maintaining a safe and working computer network in the office or at home. 

What Schooling is needed to Enter the Computer Security Profession?

Post-secondary schooling is essential to understanding the basics of computer security, and usually a bachelor’s degree in computer networks and security is the best type of schooling to enter the field. There are a number of courses and degree options that can work around an array of schedules depending on the post-secondary school, such as:

• Full-time bachelor degree courses (in-school or online)
• Part-time bachelor degree courses (in-school or online)
• Fast-track degree options (depending on school curriculum)
• Online degree courses with partial in-class options (depending on institution)

There may be a number of different options depending on the institution, but typically, there are a variety of options available to suit very hectic lifestyles and the lives of students who work. There are also other options that may include privatized schooling without a degree outcome that will involve a specialized certification for the state that you live in. The best way to understand the credentials that are suitable for your career would be to contact the post-secondary institution that you seek to enter directly. 

How to Get Started:

If computer security seems like a field you would like to enter, speaking to the institution that you would like to enter is a great way to understand the course structure and job outlook after graduation. Also, speaking to someone in the field is a the best way to understand the lifestyle of computer security specialists.

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