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Computer Security Specialist FAQ's

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Computer Security Specialist FAQ's

What is a computer security specialist?

Computer security specialists work with companies to build secure computer systems. They question managers and staff about their current security methods and find out what information the company wants to protect. Specialists also learn what information employees should be able to access. Computer security specialists use their findings to plan the security system. They regularly train staff on how to use security software and properly use computers to prevent any problems. 

Computer Security Specialist FAQ's - Computer Security Specialist Schools

Specialists also install software that protects the information. They may also make changes to existing software. Once the changes are made, specialists test the system to make sure it works. If the data are available to people over the Internet, specialists may build firewalls. These electronic “walls” keep people outside of an organization from accessing information. They may also encrypt information so that it remains confidential. Specialists also monitor virus software and update it regularly.

What are some of the responsibilities of a computer security specialist?

• Train computer users about how to use computer systems securely and to promote efficiency.
• Test system to ensure the programs are working and the security measures are in place.
• Write reports to document security procedures.
• Monitor use of data files and regulate access to protected files.
• Investigate security breaks to locate the problem.
• Monitor and update virus software.
• Encrypt data and install firewalls to protect confidential information.

What education do you need to become a computer security specialist?

To become a computer security specialist, professionals should seek a computer science degree program that specializes in security and quality analysis. Computer science degrees are available in many specializations and can be obtained as an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and even a master’s for those seeking broader opportunities.

What are some similar careers in computer security and potential industries where positions can be found?
Below are careers similar to Computer Security Specialists that may interest computer science degree graduates. These careers require similar skills.

• Computer Systems Administrators
• Computer Systems Analysts
• Database Administrators
• Detectives and Investigators
• Web Developers
• Computer Support Specialists 

These industries typically hire Computer Security Specialists for their organizations. 

• Business Management And Support Services
• Education
• Electronics And Appliance Stores
• Health Care Services
• Hospitals
• Information And Internet Services
• Insurance
• Legal Services
• Professional And Consulting Services
• Research And Development
• Software And Computer Services
• Sports, Books, And Music Stores
• Telecommunications
• Wholesale Trade
• Banking And Finance 

What is the average salary for a computer security specialist? 

Wages vary by employer and project difficulty. For example, large companies usually pay more than small companies. In addition, specialists are usually paid more for working on high-security projects. Manufacturing companies tend to pay more than government agencies. However, the average salary is around $ 48, 375. 

What is the career outlook for computer security specialists? 

An increase in computer security jobs is expected as technology continues to advance and become more affordable. In addition, cyber-attacks have increased and many companies are behind in their ability to detect these attacks. Specialists will be needed to come up with ways to prevent hackers from stealing information.

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