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Online Human Services Degree


A human services degree is a degree that provides you with the skills to help marginalized communities and individuals obtain quick social services more efficiently. There is a large emphasis on the client receiving social services to sustain a normal and healthy life. 

Online Degree of Human Services

What Does Human Services Offer to the Community?

Community involvement plays a huge part in human services, so a general understanding of policy as well as generating support for social causes is crucial. Human services degree graduates may be employed or support a number of areas within social services including, but not limited to:

• Welfare services
• Education reforms or the educational system
• Mental health sectors
• Healthcare advocacy or care
• Agencies geared towards humanity
• Child services
• Social work

There are a series of other sectors that a human services degree graduate can enter including government and political sectors. Overall, human services offer quick and effective solutions to marginalized communities, as well as placing a large emphasis on the need for reform limiting legislation. 

What Courses are Offered in an Online Human Services Degree Program?

There are a number of targeted courses that allow students to understand human services fully before entering the field. Some specific courses may include:

• Human service introduction
• Managing cases
• Working families, groups, and community
• Social policy
• Psychology (general)
• Minority relations
• Critical analysis
• Research techniques and basics
• Sociology

Other courses may be offered in a human services degree program, including electives, but the course load is largely based on science and social principles. 

How Do I obtain an Online Human Services Degree?

An online human services degree is computer based and can be either a part-time, full-time, or fast-track option. Overall, the structure is the same as an in-class setting and generally takes four years for a bachelor’s degree in human services, and about six years for an online masters degree in human services.

You can, depending on the institution, enter accelerated online bachelor degree programs, leading to quicker entrance into a master’s program.

After successful completion of a degree in human services, graduates can obtain certification within the field entitled the Human Services Board Certified Practitioner credential (HS-BCP). This can prove useful because it demonstrates that you have adequate knowledge in the field, which can lead to more job opportunities in the future. 

What is the Job Outlook for an Online Human Services Degree Graduate?

The field of human services is currently booming and there is great potential to enter the field after your degree. The growth of the field is anticipated to be enormous until the year 2016 and will likely surpass growth in other employment sectors.

The pay can vary due to the diverse job opportunities, but securing a government or agency job could be a valuable position with union options, benefits, as well as a comfortable pay bracket.

Overall, an online human services degree can be a valuable tool for those looking to enter the field humanities in order to help others in marginalized communities. If the field human services are something that you would be interested in, speaking to an accredited college about what credentials you need would be a great start.

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