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Human Services Worker Salary & Career Facts


Human Services Worker Salary & Career Facts

Human services workers are an important part of every day society as they ensure that all citizens acquire the assistance that they need. Whether it be in terms of social work, case management, or as a counsellor, human services workers are necessary. Considering that workers in this particular industry are in constant demand, more students are beginning to become interested in becoming human services workers. With the appropriate career information you will be able to determine whether a career as a human services worker will be beneficial for you. 

Human Services Worker Salary & Careers Facts - Human Services School

Human Services Job Description

Human services is an incredibly vast industry and it encompasses a variety of different careers. As a human services worker you will work alongside other professionals to delegate responsibilities and supervision to your clients. You will be required to assess the needs of your client, establish whether they are eligible for benefits and/or services, and assist your clients with obtaining said benefits. Human services workers also analyze financial data and documents to help determine whether their clients are eligible for benefits such as food stamps or welfare. You may also be required to assist your clients with acquiring tools that will help them with their daily ventures such as transportation and escorts.

The majority of human services workers find that they assist the elderly and disabled individuals with their daily tasks. With that being said, you will need to acquire an ample amount of training in regards to life skills and communication skills. 

Human Services Careers

As previously mentioned, human services is a vast industry that has many different jobs. Below is a list of the most popular human services careers:

• Community Outreach Worker
• Childcare Worker
• Mental Health Technician
• Drug Counsellor
• Abuse Counsellor
• Social Worker
• Case Management Aide
• Life Skill Counsellor

Alongside these careers, there are thousands of other job positions that you can apply for. 

Human Services Worker Salary

When selecting the appropriate career for you, determining the annual salary of the career in question is of the utmost importance. Although human services workers do not acquire as large of a salary as business moguls, the median salary for a human services worker provides individuals to live stable and comfortable lives.

The median salary for social workers is $ 23,242.00. Those who are new to the industry can expect to earn between $ 18,958.00 and $ 20,999.00. Whereas those who are veterans to the human services industry can expect to earn between $ 26,335.00 and $ 29,151.00.

As a human services worker you will be able to provide a better way of living for your clients. Whether you are assisting families with acquiring food stamps or if you are assisting the elderly with transportation needs, you will be bettering a community. With more human services workers emerging on a daily basis, the industry is full of professionals looking to make a significant difference in the world.

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