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Human Services Schools


Human services is an extraordinarily broad area of study. There are an ample amount of different careers that fall within human services. Due to this, many individuals are constantly enrolling into post secondary institutions with a major in human services. Whether you are interested in becoming a social worker or an educational assistant, there are many options for you to choose from. 

Schools of Human Services

What Careers Classify As Human Services?

Human services are a variety of different careers focussed on providing remediation and preventative techniques to improve the situations of others. With the use of experience and textbook knowledge, those working in human services are able to meet human needs and assist with problem solving to improve the quality of life of others. With the use of human services workers, individuals are able to accurately assess and resolve issues on a daily basis. 

Human Services Programs

When you enroll in your desired post secondary school, you will be prompted to select the area of human services that you wish to study. Considering that there are many different human services careers, you will want to select the area of study that best meets your interest. Some of the most popular human services programs that are offered include:

• Autism and Behavioral Science
• Child and Youth Worker
• Early Childhood Education
• Educational Assistant
• Recreation and Leisure Services
• Social Service Worker

What Will I Learn?

When you enroll in the program of your choosing you will learn an ample amount of information pertaining to human needs. You will gain core experience with helping skills that will be required to assist individuals on a daily basis. As an example, you may be required to learn about working with groups, helping communities to better themselves, and even assessing the needs of your clients. Human services revolves around bettering the general population, therefore having a strong background in psychology can also be quite advantageous.

Career Outlook

Once you have graduated from your institution of choice, you will find that there are an ample amount of different human services positions available to you. The world is constantly looking for workers who can assist the general population, therefore you will be able to find the perfect placement within a limited amount of time. The majority of human services graduates work for governments as they provide the most amount of human services jobs.

With the opportunity to help people in surrounding communities, being a human services worker will allow you to make the world a better place. There are many different options open to you when you begin to select your desired area of study. With the ample amount of human services programs available at colleges and universities, you will undoubtably be prepared for your career once your studies have been concluded.

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