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Human Resources Manager Salary & Career Facts

Human Resources

Human resourcesis a term that is used in business to refer to the people who work for a company or organization. It also is used to refer to the department of a company that is responsible for managing those resources, such as hiring and training new employees and overseeing the benefits and compensation packages provided to all of the company's employees. 

Human Resources Manager Salary...

A human resource manager plays a wide variety of roles in an organization. The role of human resource manager will bring progressively more authority and responsibility in the hands of the manager, then the director, and ultimately, the Vice President who may lead several departments including administration.

The people who make up a company's workforce are considered to be an asset to the company, just like its financial resources and material resources, such as buildings, machinery and other equipment. A company is more likely to be successful if it manages all of its resources well, including its people. This is why many companies have human resources departments, even though those departments do not directly contribute to the company's production, services, sales or profits. Effective human resource departments allow and encourage the companies' employees to do their best, which in turn contributes to the success of those companies.

In general, pursuing a business degree at a specialized business school is your best option when seeking to become a human resource manager. Most human resource managers hold at least a bachelor’s business degree with a specialization in human resources or a closely related field. Many companies now require that human resource managers also hold an MBA or an M.A. degree in human resources management. All human resource managers attend ongoing business courses and yearly updates so that they are apprised of changes in employment law at the local, state and national levels.

As a human resources management student, you are likely to study all of the following topics:

• Business Ethnics
• Human Resources Principles
• Metrics and Statistical Research
• Organizational Behavior and Management
• Employment Law
• Workforce Planning and Recruitment
• Human Resources Information Systems

According to international statistics, human resource managers earned a median annual salary of $ 96,550. The middle 50% earned between $ 74,480 and $ 127,270. Salaries for the lowest 10% were around $ 58,490, while the highest 10% brought in upwards of $ 164,270. Recent bachelor’s graduates will generally start out in a specialist or generalist positions at a correspondingly lower salary, and move into manager-level roles once they have attained sufficient experience. The top salaries generally go to human resource managers with extensive experience, advanced education and industry certification.

To succeed in a human resource manager position, it is important to possess strong leadership skills, excellent written and verbal communication abilities, computer proficiency, business savvy and interpersonal skills. Additional attributes needed for this profession are the ability to work well under pressure, handle sensitive issues with diplomacy and demonstrate respect for people from all backgrounds.

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