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Campus Commercial Cooking Degree

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Campus Commercial Cooking Degree 

What is Campus Commercial Cooking?

Campus commercial cooking is a field that incorporates cooking within a campus environment with a high level of clients, namely students and faculty. There are a series of different skills that are needed to be successful in the commercial cooking industry, namely: 

Campus Commercial Cooking Degree - Commercial Cooking Schools

• How to use commercial kitchen supplies
• How to maintain and utilize kitchen equipment
• Multitasking abilities and the ability to work under stress
• The ability to work in a heavy-duty commercial kitchen safely
• Preparing sauces, stocks, cold desserts, pastries, as well as packaging food
• Organizing certain foods and prep material
• Time management and improvisation techniques
• Working in a large team of cooks and chefs
• Leadership abilities for management roles
• Interpersonal skills

Overall, the campus commercial cooking role is a fast-paced role that utilizes organization, team work, and an ability to adapt to different menus. Flexibility and a love of culinary arts is a great way to make a mark in the field of campus commercial cooking. 

What Type of Schooling is needed to do Campus Commercial Cooking?

Either a two-year associate’s degree or four-year commercial cooking degree can be obtained at a number of different culinary schools. Associate degree schooling equips students with:

• Culinary courses
• Courses outside of the culinary realm including math, English, and social science
• Nutrition classes
• Other electives

There are a series of different course options when attending post-secondary school for an associate’s degree such as in-class or online options, but it may vary depending on the school. As well, final in-kitchen experience may be granted depending on the school and the structure provided (online versus in-class).

The course-load for a bachelor’s degree program may be more intensive than associate-degree schooling since the training equips students to become chefs over cooks and enter higher-end establishments. Some degree program courses include:

• Catering and pastry training, as well as other culinary courses
• How to prepare gourmet meals
• Restaurant management schooling
• Social science or other elective courses
• Practicum experience and in-restaurant experience

Overall, the credentials for post-secondary school differs greatly, but a bachelor’s degree is more preferred for high-end cooking, but basic commercial cooking could be obtained through associate degree schooling. As well, placement within a campus environment is a great way to enter the field of campus commercial cooking with hands-on training. 

What is the Job Outlook for Campus Commercial Cooking?

There are many opportunities for campus commercial cooking positions largely due to the influx of post-secondary education requirements throughout the world. Campus commercial cooking is a great way to enter the field of culinary arts and expand upwards to the position of a chef, or maintain a competitive role as a commercial cook. Both degrees hold great potential for both commercial and freelance positions, so there is plenty of opportunity! 

How do I get Started?

Each campus has different requirements, so speaking to a school in your area regarding campus commercial cooking requirements is the best way to start on your career path. Also, speaking to others in the field of commercial cooking can give you a more objective idea of their work and enjoyment level overall.

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