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How To Become A General Manager

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Deciding to get into business is only the first in a long line of decisions that you will have to make. Outside of going to school, you will also have to think about the type of business/industry that you want to get into in addition to trying to figure out what type of position you want to go after. There is no shortage of career options in business, and while you don’t have to make up your mind right away, it is definitely something that you should keep in mind while going to school. 

How To Become A General Manager - General Management Schools

One position that many business graduates aspire to reach is the position of general manager with a company. While the role and responsibilities will vary based on the company and industry, general managers work closely with the CEO and COO of organizations to determine strategy as well as manage the company on multiple levels.

How To Become A General Manager 

Becoming a general manager will take some time. So, don’t expect to become a general manager right out of school. The following are some of the steps that you should consider taking if you want to become a general manager:

Get a business degree: If you want to work in business, let alone become a general manager of a large company, then you will need to get a business degree.
Get work experience: While pursuing your degree in business it is important that you get some work experience under your belt. This can take on many forms and it will show that you have a good work ethic. Plus, you never know who you will meet that could lead to a job down the road.
Get your MBA: Once you complete your undergraduate degree in business, the next logical step is to get your MBA. This will give you all the knowledge and tools that you will need to work at a management level.
Start working: Once you graduation, it is time to start working your way up the corporate ladder. Expect to start low, but be ready to work your way up. If you are having trouble finding a job right out of school, don’t discount the chance to take on an internship position, even if it is an unpaid placement.
Engage in professional development: If you want to take on a management role, it is important that you take management related courses and training, get involved in a mentorship program, obtain additional certifications, and stay on top of what is happening within your industry.
Keep moving up: Don’t be afraid to put your name in the hat and let people know that you are interest in moving up. If an opportunity arises be ready to take on a new role or additional responsibilities. You also have to be prepared to change companies if your current company does not have room for growth.
Hire a head hunter: A head hunter can help you significantly. They are very skilled at finding you opportunities.

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