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How Much Does a General Manager Make Per Year?

Hospitality Management

What is General Management?

A General Managers job largely pertains to upper-scale management to ensure certain departments are working well and that staff is properly looked after. General Management is the backbone to many business operations and some duties may include overseeing the hiring, firing, and training of employees, as well as delegating to lower management positions. General manager positions fluctuate heavily depending on the company, but overall, general management positions focus on delegating and implementing procedures, as well as ensuring there is adequate staff to carry such procedures out. 

How Much General Manager Make Per Year? - General Management Schools

What is the Typical General Manager Job Description?

General Management job positions are multifaceted and often tap into many different aspects of a business that involve both hiring and leadership. Some procedures that have to be followed in General Management include:

· Looking after, organizing, and delegating certain events, venues, or functions
· Speaking with a series of different managers and corporate level executives
· Providing leadership to workers as well as allowing workers to vent grievances
· Conflict resolution abilities
· Good, strong, and effective communication skills, both written and spoken
· A great ability to manage time and prioritize certain duties
· Hiring, firing, and training new staff and lower level management positions

There are a series of other roles and responsibilities that general management carries out on a regular basis, but overall, general manager positions entail timemanagement and delegation.

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Enter General Management?

There is a preferred level of schooling in General Management to ensure that graduates obtain an understanding of what running a business entails. Some of the desirable routes may include post-secondary school degree program such as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business or commerce. The course load for
each degree program will be different, but earning a Master’s of Business Administration is the most lucrative credential. Some other schooling options to enter General Management may include: 

· Part-time courses that may include school-based seminars from time to time (depending on the institution)
· A Bachelor’s of Business administration or Commerce (either in-school or online)
· A Master’s of Business Administration or Commerce (either in-school or online)
· A Doctorate in Business Administration or Commerce (either in-school or online)

There are a series of other ways to enter the field of General Management, but typically a college based degree course through a reputable post-secondary school is the best way to enter the field. A master’s degree is the most suitable credential for higher ranking positions in larger corporations, so it may be a good investment to
obtain such a degree.

What is the Job Outlook for General Management?

There is always a need for General Management especially with the influx of both domestic and international corporations. With the right education, placement opportunity, and dedication, it is possible to excel in the field and make a comfortable earning. The general salary for a general manager is roughly $ 45,000.00 - $ 70,000.00 a year, so if entering the field of General Management is something that interests you, speaking to a reputable post-secondary education about program requirements would be a great first step towards a rewarding career opportunity!

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