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General Management FAQ’S

Hospitality Management

What is a General Manager? 

A general manager is someone who looks at many aspects of a company, typically overlooking the loss and profit of a business, as well as partaking in the media aspects such as marketing.

FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsSome tasks of a general manager include, but are not limited to:

• Staffing
• Coordinating work function, promotions, and events
• Planning tasks and organizing
• Making final decisions

Are CEO’s and General Manager’s the Same?

The responsibilities are quite large for a general manager and can include similar elements of an executive employment such as working within the entire company and understanding respective elements for part each part of the workplace as a whole.

In large companies, the general manager is considered a CEO, so the responsibilities fall along the same lines.

Within different organizations, general managers can also have different titles depending on their role, including brand manager, operating manager, director, and category manager.

What Type of Interpersonal Skills do I Need to Become a General Manager?

There are key characteristics that general managers possess, namely:
• Leadership abilities
• Resource, time, and employee coordination
• High emotional and physical stress threshold
• Detailed and meticulous working abilities
• Meeting deadlines
• Interpersonal communication with an array of different customers, vendors, and partners

As well as a number of other traits including excellent written and verbal communication, budgeting, and goal setting abilities.

What Type of Industries do General Managers Work Within?

General management positions are diverse and spread along many different industries including corporate environments, hospitality industries, and even sporting ventures. Depending on the specific industry, roles of a general manager differ considerably, but their overall function remains the same; overlooking the functions of the company.

What Education is Needed to Become a General Manager?

Depending on the type of industry a general manager hopes to enter, a bachelor in the respective field is a great start. Obtaining a Master’s of Business Administration is helpful if the company that they are going to manage or create is very complex and needs a detailed understanding of different topics.

Certification is available to add to existing general management credentials and can be obtained from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. Such certification can add to the general managers prospects of finding larger and more lucrative positions.

What is the Average Salary of a General Manager?

The salary of a general manager depends on the workplace as well as the managers experience, ranging anywhere from $ 50,000.00 per annum to $ 190,000.00 per annum.

To obtain a higher paying position may require further education such as a Master’s in Business Administration and certification. As well, reputation and successful work will add to a better resume and the likelihood of higher pay.

What is the Job Market Like for General Managers?

Every business requires management of some sort, so there is a static need for general managers. The competition may be higher in certain fields, but with the right training, there are many options available for prospective general managers.

If general management seems like something that would interest you, contacting a college or researching the course loads would be the best way to understand the the field fully!

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