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Online Homeland Security Degree

Homeland Security & Counterterrorism

Online Homeland Security Degree

Homeland security is comprised of the national effort to improve national security by preventing and avoiding terrorist attacks, reducing the risk of terrorism, and minimizing the damage from terrorist attacks and national disasters. Considering the ongoing terrorist threat, homeland security is a growing field of academic interest. More schools are offering dedicated certificate or homeland security degree programs, including joint emergency management and homeland security degrees. Homeland security courses are often administered online. 

Online Homeland Security Degree - Homeland Security Schools

Online homeland security schools offer homeland security degrees at a variety of levels, including certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. Certificates can be completed quickly and focus on a smaller knowledge base, focusing specifically on homeland security, terrorism, and emergency preparedness. Certificate programs offered by homeland security schools are meant for current homeland security officers who wish to update and improve their skills and knowledge.

Online bachelor’s level homeland security degrees provide homeland security school graduates with a solid foundation for planning, implementing, and managing security operations. Homeland security school prepares you for employment in law enforcement, border patrol, and homeland security. Typical online homeland security courses offered by bachelor’s level programs cover topics such as civil and criminal justice, tactical communications, emergency planning and security measures, domestic and international terrorism, business and ethics for security specialists, and emergency planning for natural disasters. Emergency management and homeland security are complementary fields, and many homeland security schools offer programs that have a strong base in emergency management theories and practices. You can also attend online homeland security school at the master’s level. Earning a master’s level homeland security degree requires between one and two years of study, and covers both Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees.

Homeland security courses are usually offered only online. Attending homeland security school online allows you to learn at your own pace, which ensures that you can develop a maximum understanding of the topics and theories presented in your homeland security courses. You can find a list of homeland security schools at the United States of America’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website. FEMA’s list indicates that there are more than 300 homeland security schools offering master’s level degrees in homeland security, emergency management, terrorism, and cyber-security, as well as more than 10 doctorate level programs. There are over 25 homeland security schools offering specialized homeland security master’s degrees.

Attending homeland security school and earning your homeland security degree can help you determine your field of interest. There are four common fields of interest: Mission Support, Law Enforcement, Immigration and Travel Security, and Prevention and Response. Each field focuses on specific skills and knowledge. For example, Mission Support is comprised of a wide variety of other disciplines, including medicine, science and technology, intelligence, civil rights, and human resources. Law Enforcement oversees the security of heads of state and other officials, while Immigration and Travel Security aims to protect transportation systems from attack. As a graduate from homeland security school, you will be prepared to undertake the security of national borders and airports. In addition, you can use your homeland security degree to begin a career in researching and developing new security techniques, analyzing intelligence reports, and responding to national disasters.

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