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Locksmithing School

Homeland Security & Counterterrorism

Locksmithing is a practice which requires installing, breaking, fixing, and recommending new locks to customers and break-in victims. Locksmith services generally include: 

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• Residential locksmith services
• Emergency locksmith services
• Commercial locksmith services

There are a series of locksmithing duties that include, but are not limited to:

• Lock reconfiguration and re-keying
• • Entry gate lock repairs, entry, and installation
• Sliding locks installation
• Screen door lock repairs, entry, and installation
• Upgrading aesthetic house and commercial locks
• Marshall evictions
• Peephole installation and repair
• File cabinet entry and repair
• Panic bar installation for windows
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) installation, service repairs, and maintenance
• Safe emergency unlocking and combination changes
• Key duplication, impressioning and retrieval
• Dead bolt installation and maintenance
• Access control installation
• Strike plate and card reader installation
• Chip key repairs
• Removing keys stuck in ignition
• Picking locks and windows (last resort)
• Alarm installation, service, and maintenance

As well as other functions, including customer service and emergency responses. 

Locksmithing is a demanding industry with high competition, so the better equipped you are in the trade, the better. 

What Abilities Does Locksmithing Require?

Locksmiths generally work with locks in a non-invasive fashion, but sometimes welding, using metal saws, as well as soldering is needed for more complex operations such as opening a vault or other heavy guarded lock items.

Locksmithing incorporates math, science, and as well as welding and electronic systems.Electronic systems bridge over to technologically advanced locking systems such as strike plates and access control panels. 

Locksmithing Seems Like an Intense Field, What Type of Training Would I Need?

Locksmithing school is simply 2 terms of school, which require a graduation from high school with a good background in math and science, as well as shop experience. 

6,000 in class and workplace hours are needed to complete a locksmithing apprenticeship. Other courses in the field of welding, metal works, and advanced locksmithing techniques can be utilized to gain a competitive advantage. 

Electronics is a great background to possess in the locksmith field because it can land you higher positions. Higher positions would include the installation of security strike plates, access control systems, CCTV, and alarm components. Many large businesses utilize the electronic side of locksmithing services to maintain more secure measures for the workplace, pertaining to confidential files, and secure access measures.

What is the Job Outlook for Locksmithing?

The job outlook is great since there is always a demand for locksmith services in every area. You can either work for a company or get certification to work as a self-employed locksmith in the future. Enough capital would have to be saved to purchase pricey equipment and keep stock, but overall, the profession pays very well and can sometimes charge upward of $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 an hour with high flat rates. 

Locksmithing is a lucrative field that shows little to no signs of decline in the near future, so if you are considering a job in the field, it could be beneficial to speak to current locksmiths.As well, research online is a great way to see if locksmithing is right for you!

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