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Homeland Security Salary & Career Facts

Homeland Security & Counterterrorism

Homeland Security Salary & Career Facts

Homeland security encompasses a national effort to prevent and avoid terrorist attacks, as well as to reduce the risk of terrorism and minimize the damage from terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Homeland security represents a growing field of academic study. A number of schools are beginning to offer certificate or homeland security degree programs. Homeland security schools typically deliver homeland security courses online. Homeland security is academically similar to emergency management, and some homeland security schools are offering joint emergency management and homeland security degrees. 

Homeland Security Salary & Career Facts - Homeland Security Schools

Fields of Interest

Homeland security is comprised of a number of fields of specialization, including Mission Support, Law Enforcement, Immigration and Travel Security, and Prevention and Response. Mission Support provides services and support for a number of fields, including medicine, budget, science and technology, intelligence, civil rights, fraud detection, and human resources. Law Enforcement oversees the security of heads of state and other designated officials, in addition to enforcing immigration law and maintaining economic, transportation, and infrastructure security. Immigration and Travel Security involves protecting transportation systems, and Prevention and Response focuses on protected the public, the environment, and the economic from any and all hazards. Attending homeland security school will help you determine which field you want to specialize in, and completing your homeland security degree will give you the skills, knowledge, and training required to achieve professional success in your chosen field.

Primary Job Responsibilities

As a homeland security school graduate, you may be responsible for securing national borders, airports, and waterways from malicious attacks. In addition, you can build on the skills developed in your homeland security courses by researching and developing new and innovative security techniques, or by analyzing intelligence reports. Your homeland security degree can also be used to respond quickly and effectively to national disasters and terrorist attacks. There are a number of job opportunities within the field of homeland security, and completing a homeland security degree from an accredited homeland security school will help prepare you for a career in your chosen field of specialization.


While earning your homeland security degree at homeland security school, you can expect to take courses such as Terrorism, Public-Private Partnerships in Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, Social and Ethical Issues, Defense in Practice, Disaster Communication, and Root Causes of Terrorism. Homeland security courses cover a variety of topics, including international relations, politics, psychology, and emergency management.

Qualifications and Experience

The requirements, qualifications, and experience required for a career in homeland security vary according to each position. Attending homeland security school can help prepare you for the positions that appeal to you in your area of specialization. Positions involving research, scientific, or other professional work will require an undergraduate degree in a relevant field. Other positions may require specialized higher education, including master’s and doctorate-level degrees.

There are a number of internship and work placement programs for students and recent graduates, including entry-level professional development opportunities in cyber security, information technology, management, emergency management, and law.

Salary Expectations

As a homeland security school graduate, your earning potential will depend on what position you hold. The average annual salary for a homeland security professional is $52 000. Higher paying positions will require more education, including masters and doctorate-level degrees.

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