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Online International Education Degree

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If you are interested in teaching school, but also interested in travelling, then using your teaching degree to begin teaching courses internationally may be the perfect career for you! 

Online International Education Schools

What will I do with an international education degree?

There are opportunities all over the world for individuals who have an international education degree to teach, or act as academic advisors. This is a unique opportunity to travel the world, while doing what you live, and earning a great salary.

What does an international education degree entail?

Most international education degree programs are offered at a Master’s or PhD level, and will require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Many will also require that you have completed one year of teaching school, at teacher’s college.

More than a regular teaching degree, when you attend teaching school for international education, you will be prepared for teaching courses in different social and political climates; in countries where English is not the first language, and you will learn how to relate to your international students when you are teaching courses.

Most individuals who attend teaching school to teach internationally have already earned their teaching degree. International education degree programs are typically one year long, and will focus on the specific challenges of teaching school in an international setting. Many programs will also qualify you not only to teach school-aged children, but also to teach adults in adult education settings. This will increase your marketability when looking for jobs upon your graduation.

As part of the international teaching degree, you can choose to focus on specific geographic areas which you plan to later find a career teaching school in, such as African and African-Caribbean studies, Asian studies,  Latin American studies, Eastern European studies, Western European studies, and the Middle East. These courses will focus on the unique challenges of teaching school in these areas, the cultural history of the area, the religious and political influences on education in the area, and even information on the geography of the area.

Why should I do international education degree online?

The benefits of doing your international teaching degree online are numerous. For one, you can attend teaching school anywhere in the world, without leaving the comforts of home. You can also choose to travel while you attend teaching school, and still earn your degree on time. You can complete your courses at your own pace, therefore allowing you extra time if you feel it necessary. You also have the opportunity to learn from instructors located anywhere in the world, whose expertise on certain cultures, or geographic areas can give them a unique perspective. Finally, once you have completed your program, you will potentially have a network of fellow graduates and former professors around the world, which may help you in your search for a job.

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