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How Much Does an International Teacher Make Per Year?

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Becoming a teacher can be a very rewarding career for many individuals which is why the enrollment rates in international education degree programs have increased over the years.  With the ability to attend an international education school, you will learn all of the fundamental aspects pertaining to a career teaching overseas.  There are many different countries that require the assistance of international teachers, therefore career opportunities are in abundance.  If you are interested in attending an international education course, becoming aware of the salaries per area of work can be quite advantageous. 

How Does Become International Teacher in a Annum?

Location Based Salaries

As with the majority of careers offered throughout the world, the geographic location of your job placement will have a drastic impact on the amount of money that you make.  During your time in international education school you will learn about how choosing the appropriate country to teach in will assist you with earning the annual salary that you desire.  Location is an important factor to consider when you are selecting the international education course for your needs.  As an example, those teaching in Luxembourg will make more money than those teaching in the United States.

Time Spent Working versus Salary

Although earning the most amount of money is a feat that many individuals wish to accomplish, there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration such as the amount of time spent working.  Once you have earned your international education degree and are looking for international employment, you will want to ensure that you are getting paid enough money for the amount of hours that you spend a week teaching.  As an example, teachers in the United States spend more than 1100 hours annually working with students and get paid far less than Korean teachers who spend approximately 550 hours teaching on an annual basis.

Experience Based Salaries

This is another common factor that is experienced through industries other than education.  The more experience that you have from an international education school will equate to a higher rate of pay.  This is an important statistic to take into consideration when selecting the country that you wish to work in.  Once you have earned your international education degree from a reputable international education course, finding the country that will pay you the most for your relative experience in an international education school will assist you with becoming more financially stable.  As an example, those with an international education degree that work in Luxembourg make over $ 70,000.00 annually with 15+ years of experience.  Whereas teachers with 15+ years of experience working in Portugal earn between $ 50,000.00 and $ 60,000.00 annually.

Demand for Teachers

Another important factor to consider once you are seeking employment after completing your international education degree in your chosen international education school program is whether there is a demand for teachers in the area that you are interested in.  The higher the demand for teachers, the more money you will make on an annual basis.  There are many countries throughout the world that have a higher demand for teachers than others, therefore seeking employment in those areas will be far more beneficial.  During your time spent in an international education school you will learn about the best countries to find employment.

Attending an international education school can assist you with finding employment in the country of your dreams.  There are many international education schools looking for teachers to employ on a daily basis, therefore finding employment should be a simple task.

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