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Health Care Management Salary & Career Facts

Healthcare Administration & Management

What is Health Care Management?

Health care management, also known as medical administration, is a field of health care that incorporates liaison with medical professionals and working on medical documentation. As such, health care managers are not found with patients, but rather, with documentation regarding patients as well as ensuring all operations are seamless. Some of the roles of health care management include: 

Health Care Management Salary and Career Reality

• Ensuring that all operations are running efficiently
• Making sure jobs are assigned properly
• Understanding the business side of the medical industry
• Making sure employees understand their roles and responsibilities
• Maintaining control and acting as a focal point for personnel in the medical building or business
• Looking into and satisfying the delivery of materials for different medical purposes
• Many different functions such as accounting, looking through certain policies, and managing other aspects of the medical field

There are many other roles within health care management, but depending on the place that hires the manager, roles may differ. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Enter the Field of Health Care Management?

Post-secondary schooling is mandatory since there is heavy terminology involved, so taking school courses geared towards health care management and medical administration is essential. A degree in healthcare management is preferred since it has numerous courses that are geared towards the practice of medicine as well as management roles and duties. Some other schooling options may include:

• A bachelor’s degree in health care management or health care administration (in-school or online)
• A Master’s healthcare management degree (in-school or online)
• Diploma courses in management or medical administration (in-school or online)
• Extracurricular courses pertaining to the medical or medical administration field (in-school or online)
• Part-time or fast-track schooling options

There may be other schooling options available, but the most commonly sought health care management credential is a bachelor’s degree in health care management or health care administration. A master’s degree would be beneficial, but not mandatory.

What Type of Courses are Offered in the Field of Health Care Management?

There are a series of different courses offered in the field of health care management that pertain to many different aspects of the medical field. Although health care management is rarely around patients, if ever at all, it is important for them to understand some background on medicine. Some courses may include:

• Law in health care
• Management of human resources
• Psychology in health
• Information systems management

There may be other courses, but typically, the most important courses regard health care laws and the use of resources. 

What is the Job Outlook for Health Care Management?

The jobs for a healthcare management degree holder are quite lucrative and can be quite well paying. Depending on the hospital (government versus private) the salaries can fluctuate, but typically, the salary for health care management is about $ 70,000.00 per year. With experience, higher education, and the ability to move up in the field, health care management salaries can increase, making for a rewarding working experience! 

How do I get Started?

Speaking to a registrar at a local college is a great way to understand course requirements and the general employment outlook after graduation in your area!

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