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Health Care Management FAQ's

Healthcare Administration & Management

Healthcare is one of the world’s most rapidly changing fields. If you are interested in working in health care, but desire more of a managerial position, then attending health care school in a management program may be the perfect fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care ManagementIf you are interested in attending health care school for a career in health care management, then you may have some questions about that career path, and where it may lead you.

Why should I pursue health care management?

Upon completing health care school, you will have the opportunity to make a social difference, by improving the lives of hundreds of patients. It is also a growing field, as many hospitals need to grow in order to accommodate the larger amount of baby boomers seeking medical aid.

Where can I work with a Management in Health Care degree?

Once you have completed health care school, you will be eligible for an executive position in several settings, including:

• Clinics
• Consulting firms
• Health insurance organizations
• Healthcare associations
• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• Physician practices
• Mental health organizations
• Public health departments
• Rehabilitation centers
• Skilled nursing facilities
• Universities and research institutions

Using the skills you’ve acquired in health care school, you can also work as a consultant with any of the places above. There is also a demand for individuals who have attended health care school within all branches of the military, as well as veteran’s affairs.

What health care courses will I need?

If you are interested in working in the field of health care management, you will want to take both business and health care courses in preparation for your career. Health care courses will give you an understanding of the goings on of a hospital, whereas business courses will give you the background necessary for a managerial position. Some health care schools will offer an inclusive health care management degree which will combine both of these areas of study into one degree program.

You have the option to study health care management at a BA or an MA level, depending on your personal preference.

What are the career prospects with a Management in Health Care degree?

Currently, there are over 100,000 health care degree graduates who are working in executive positions. There is a growing need for individuals with health care degrees, as the health care field as a whole is growing since the baby boomer generation is getting older and requiring more and more care. Individuals with a management in health care degree can work jobs in:

• Finance
• Government relations
• Human resources
• Information systems
• Marketing and public affairs
• Material management (purchasing of equipment and supplies)
• Medical staff relations
• Nursing administration
• Patient care services
• Planning and development

Those who have attended health care school and earned a management level degree have a variety of career options, and the above is not necessarily an inclusive list of everything that is possible with that degree.
This field is likely to grow over time, so it is a great time to get a degree in health care management.

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