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What is a Medical Sales Job?

Health Services & Counseling

Medical sales jobs are similar to most sales jobs in the sense that as a sales rep you are responsible for selling your companies good and services. However, part of being successful is going beyond just selling and understanding how to promote and market your products as well as having the ability to assess a client’s needs and offer them the right products and services so they can be more successful.  

What is a medical sales job - Medical School

Medical sales involve dealing with a wide variety of different people within the health care industry. Depending on the products and services that you are offering, you will commonly work with doctors, dentists, nurses, nursing homes, spa and fitness centers, the governm2ent, chiropractors and other alternative medicine providers, as well as wellness clinics. 

Medical Sales Job Duties

The following are some of the most common duties that are involved in a typical medical sales position. They include:

• Client management and customer service
• Selling, delivering and processes customer orders
• Promoting new initiatives
• Building trust and brand loyalty
• Constant communication with clients to answer question, execute special requests and provide further information. 
• Accounting and sales management
• Gaining recommendations from medical personal for your products
• Continuing education about the products and services you offer to your clients
• Prospecting and expanding your client base through networking

Depending on the product you are selling and the type of clients that you work with, your duties may be more or less involved. 

Education Requirements

In most cases medical sales representatives are required to have a university degree. While some companies will accept any type of degree, many require that your degree be in either a medical field or one that relates to sales and marketing. 

Sales jobs require that you have people skills. Being an effective communicator and understanding how to read people and be persuasive are key components of being good at any sales position, let alone as a medical sales rep. Since you will be in constant communication with a large number of people, you need to be well organized, keep up to date client records, and have the ability to understand their needs in order to offer effective solutions. This is how you will be able to build good relationships and trust with your client base, which is a vital factor in being successful in this highly competitive industry. 

The benefits of medical sales jobs

Medical sales jobs come with a number of key benefits that attract sales people to this industry. They include:

• A great salary plus incentives
• The ability to work with a wide variety of people
• Travel opportunities
• The prospect of moving into management down the road
• Flexible work conditions

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