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Certified Personal Trainer

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If you have a passion for health and fitness, and want to share that passion with others – then becoming a certified personal trainer may be the career for you. Certified Personal Trainers provide their clients with knowledge and coaching to achieve their health, wellness and fitness goals. It is the role of the Certified Personal Trainer to review a person’s current health information and design a personalized, safe and effective program that will deliver results. Trainers also educate clients on proper techniques while motivating them to get the most from each workout session.

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Certified personal trainers may also specialize in a certain training type, training philosophy, exercise regimen or nutritional guideline. However, in general most certified trainers develop an exercise plan unique to each of their clients. They may incorporate aerobic exercise, resistance training and even flexibility training. 

Much of being a personal trainer is building relationships with your clientele. In many ways the trainer is the support system in them achieving their goals, and they must where many hats from friend, counselor to disciplinarian. In building a relationship with clients, trainers reach out to new clients to discuss their previous fitness history, plateaus and success to date. They will then develop a personalized plan that will incite the right behaviors and habits to change the client’s life and bring their overall health and fitness to the next level.

The process to become a Certified Personal Trainer involves accreditation and certification. Certification is somewhat dependent upon the country you want to train in and the level of certification you wish to achieve.

Certification levels vary, but are loosely based on the following guidelines, and are attainable from various private and public institutions. Level one certification involves a brief training session and the completion of an exam. With level two certification, you must have at least two to three years of personal training experience, and you should hold a specialized degree or diploma in addition to a recognized accreditation. The levels of certification increase with years of experience and

The highest level of certification (either level four or level six, depending on where you live) requires more education, usually a bachelor’s degree in science, kinesiology or biology. These trainers usually have a minimum of six years training experience and at least two to three specialized degrees, diplomas or certification. They also have an advanced understanding of the body’s response to exercise, nutrition and certain medicines.

To become a Certified Personal Trainer, the best first step is to obtain an education in a health related program – biology, science or kinesiology. Post-secondary institutions across the globe offer comprehensive undergraduate programs that will give you the foundation to begin the certification process.

Many independent and private schools also offer different certification programs that may or may not require a bachelor’s degree. However, it is best to do your research and map out an education plan that works to achieve your goals.

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