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Campus Finance Degree


Many people that aspire to work in the corporate world start out by getting a finance degree. It is one of the many educational avenues that you can take on your way to a career in finance. However, many people, when considering their education options often are not sure whether they should pursue a finance degree or an accounting degree. To clear up the confusion, consider the type of job you want. If you are interested in day to day accounting, preparing financial documents, working with balance sheets, and working with accounts payable and receivable, then accounting is likely what you are after. 

Campus Degree in Finance

However, if you envision a career where you will be spending time analyzing financial data, dealing with investment options and the stock market, and helping people plan their finances, and then a finance degree is the best option for you. Even if you pursue a degree in finance, it doesn’t mean that you cannot work in accounting or other related fields. There are many ways and education options that can help prepare you for a career in finance.

About Campus Finance Degrees

There are a number of ways that you can go about getting a degree in finance. Campus finance degree can be obtained in college, university, or business schools. You can also get them at different levels such as a diploma, undergraduate degree, Master’s Degree, and PhD. The type of degree that you get will have an impact on both the finance positions you qualify for and how much you can expect to make during your career.

If you plan to continue your education at the graduate level in finance, a common decision that you will be faced with is whether or not to do an MBA or a Master’s in Finance. In most cases, students that have a general focus on finance, but also are interest in business opt for the MBA, whereas students that want to specialize in finance get a Master’s Degree in Finance. There is no shortage of great schools that offer these programs.

If you plan on working in management or as a money manager, then you will also need to get your CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification. This will provide you with the credentials that you need to legally become a financial advisor. Check with your local professional finance association for more information about exam requirements to become certified.

What can you do with a finance degree?

Most people with a campus finance degree go on to work in corporate finance in a variety of different positions such as financial analysts, project managers, financial risk management, stock market investing, financial planners, financial advisors and money manager.

Outside of working for a corporation, many finance professionals also work in the banking industry, for the government or go on to start their own financial consulting business in their area of expertise. Positions in finance offer great compensation, even at entry level and experienced financial professionals often make well over $ 100, 000 per year.

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