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Online Fashion Design Degree

Fashion Design

An online fashion design degree is a fun, fast paced and influential degree to have since it allows you to enter the field of fashion culture. Clothing is a static need, so not only can you enter an innovative field, there will always be demand for new and fresh talent! 

Online Degree in Fashion

What Does an Online Fashion Design Degree Entail?

Fashion design is the study of how design and fashion merge, using different principles, historical influences, and cultural influences. There are a number of interesting courses for an online fashion design degree with fashion design programs that look at the development and sustainability of fashion, including:

• Sustainable design (eco-friendly)
• The history of fashion design
• Principles of fashion drawing, colour, and design
• Graphic imaging
• Clothing style for women and men
• Clothing design software use
• Textile and pattern designs
• Culture of 20th Century fashion design
• Subcultures of fashion

There are many other courses that touch on design in greater detail, as well as a number of interesting electives that may be taken, including:

• Motion graphic courses
• Animation courses
• 3D lighting courses
• Interior design courses
• Textile design courses
• Pattern making courses
• Garment design and construction
• Photography essentials
• Product design courses

Electives can add a more specialized flair to your work and allow you to expand your expertise in fashion as well as other areas including photography or animation, allowing you to promote your work, then finally design, construct, and finalize your product. 

What Type of Traits Should I Possess to Enter the Field of Fashion Design?

A modern and innovative personality is a great way to establish direction in the ever-changing world of fashion design. Some other traits that may be suitable to possess include, but are not limited to:

• A ‘vision’ for the future of fashion
• Having an interest in the fashion culture and subculture
• Team working abilities
• A good eye for color and design
• Some aptitude for drawing an idea on paper, storyboarding, or fashion sketching
• An interest in marketing
• A desire to succeed

Overall, a healthy interest in the fashion world would make for an exciting study period while you complete your online fashion design degree. 

What is the Job Market Like for Fashion Design Specialists?

The market, now more than ever, is booming with entrepreneurial endeavors due to the advent of social media platforms and free ways to market products. An online fashion design degree could set you up with an amazing career that can be maintained either within a workplace setting or as an independent effort!

Overall, the market is very healthy for online fashion design degree graduates with no signs of slowing down. 

What is the Average Salary of an Online Fashion Design Degree Graduate?

The salary for an online fashion design degree graduate can range depending on the expertise and field you hope to enter in design and fashion. A garment designer can make roughly $ 60,000.00 per year, while a standard fashion designer makes roughly $ 47,000.00 per year.

Depending on your electives, your salary can change but the field itself has great potential for a high return. 

To Obtain an Online Fashion Design Degree:

If an online fashion design degree seems like something you would be interested in, looking online for colleges with a reputable name would be best. Search testimonials, hiring rates, and course outlines to see if the program is suitable for you!

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