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How Much Does a Fashion Designer Make Per Year?

Fashion Design

What is a Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer is someone who incorporates a number of aesthetic elements into a variety of different wearable pieces which can include jewelry, shoes, handbags, but mostly clothing styles.

By incorporating a number of different elements into their work, fashion designers can manufacture profitable and appealing products to the public. 

How Much Does a Fashion Designer Make in a Year?

What Factors Play into a Fashion Designers Products?

There are a series of different elements that contribute to a fashion designers final products including:

• Current garment designs and patterns
• Cultural norms and common trends
• Fashion history
• Age populations
• Gender statistics
• Fashion cultures and subcultures in different societies

Often, a fashion designer will incorporate a series of the above elements to make informed decisions as the type of client they will sell to, trying to maximize profitability.

What Styles are Typically Used Within the Fashion Industry?

There are a number of different types of fashion clothing design that designers are
concerned with, including:

• Clothing styles for women
• Clothing styles for men
• Clothing styles for children
• Clothing styles for infants
• Clothing styles for plus size or petite sized males and females

There may be other types of fashion design that are utilized, such as the rare art of
haute couture, but the above are the most common populations that they gear their
designs towards.

What Type of Training is Needed to Become a Fashion Designer?

There are a number of routes that you can take to become a fashion designer depending on if you would like to the enter accessory, shoe, handbag, or clothing design profession.

Quite commonly, fashion design schools offer introductory and advanced courses
within fashion design including:

• Fashion design software
• Graphic imaging
• Pattern designs and textile designs
• Marketing for your business and basic business ethics and practices
• Sustainable fashion trends
• Artistic basics such as colour, balance, sketches, and design (drawn and on a
• The history of art

All the above are useful in identifying one’s market, niche, and eventually desired impact on the fashion world. Bachelor degree programs also offer training in design and can be useful in obtaining work.

Online courses for both diplomas and degrees are a great way to learn design basics while working or keeping up with a busy household and can be wonderful tools for those who need to save money. All the above schooling usually allows for internships, co-op or practicum work, getting a foot in the door for later work in the
fashion industry.

How Much Does a Fashion Design Graduate Earn?

On average, a fashion designer can make upwards to about $ 73,000.00 per year, making the field a lucrative venture for a long term career.

There are limitless possibilities in terms of self-employment, working for retailers, or even high-end designers all with reasonable pay and a chance for advancement. If fashion design is something that would interest you, contacting a reputable institution about programs would be a great place to start. Also, contacting a designer currently in the industry would be a great way to understand the lifestyle, hours, and work environment they face on a daily basis!

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