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Fashion and Design

Fashion Design

Fashion and design go hand in hand and often complement one another. If someone designs something, fashion is a great way to understand what market you will attract or how to better direct your style. Elements of fashion are colors, trends, even ethnic pieces which can be incorporated both into clothing and accessories. The mapping, designing, and finalizing of such items is the process of fashion and design. 

Schools for Design And Fashion

Within the fashion industry, here is a structure, but there is also flexibility and the ‘unknown’, which regards what will be hot or not in the next season. Such unknown factors play a heavy role in anticipating fashion and design for the following season, even year. With consumer tastes constantly shifting, being a follower in the industry is tedious and could land designer stuck without a big break. Being a leader in fashion and design is essential to becoming recognized since you would be directing certain fashions, not falling behind consumer tastes.

Marketing Madness:

Boho trends that have swept many countries over the past few years have been evolving into an 80’s-infused mix of both Boho and neon. A year ago, this may have been laughed at, but surprisingly, marketing the fashions in a cool way paid off. Understanding what consumers want and embracing it is essential, and ‘unique’ is usually a determining factor.

As consumers of fashion and design, we crave to be unique, so understanding uniqueness and stepping outside of our comfort zone, even geographical zone, is a huge plus. This can add a twist to what consumers perceive as the current trend. 

Form versus Function:

Haut couture is fashion and design at its very best with a narrow audience because of limited affordability and small quantity. It is an art form that infuses high-end materials with outstanding design. Due to the limit on products, it makes such lux apparel scarce for the everyday consumer. Infusing affordability with quality and design can lead to a higher customer base. 

High-end materials in fashion and design tend to have better durability, but sometimes the form outweighs the function of the outfit. If you were to wear a dress off the runway, it may not fit your life style if you have a desk job or work on a production line. Hence, no matter how nice the quality, look, and feel of the product, you have to have the ability to wear it in a multitude of environments, whether it be work, school, or going out with friends. Adaptable is stylish!

Adaptability with a Clear Direction:

Being adaptable in fashion and design is essential to the success of your product, but keeping a clear type of clientele in mind is also important. Accessories as well as clothing provide a certain type of atmosphere in different stores pertaining to different tastes. Branching out to too many different audiences may be confusing to consumers. By infusing great products with superb quality, as well as a distinct environment, you can set your sights on becoming your own fashion guru.

Credentials for the Fashion World:

There are a number of prestigious design schools and colleges that have fashion and design courses to better guide you on your path to understanding the industry. A diploma or Bachelor’s can take you far in the fashion world! 

Researching current designers and understanding the steps which they took is a great place to start, as well as speaking to others in the fashion and design industry to network and break into the field.

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