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Fashion Design

Fashion sketches consist of a stencil figure with a clothing design drawn on top of the figure. Different genders require different types of clothing styles, materials, and layouts, but course in fashion sketches will help those interested create innovative and balanced designs. 
Fashion Sketches - Fashion Design Schools

Different body types require different forms, so understanding fashion sketches and flattering body elements can help you better understand what accentuates or underrates a models appearance.

How to do a Fashion Sketch:

It is best to start a fashion sketch with a magazine and some tracing paper to outline the body. You can use different body shapes and positions for different outfits using movement or posture similar to your outfits use (workout, professional, ballroom, etc.). You can finalize the body in a black artist marker and use it as a template to reuse for different outfits in the future.

Next, after the basic figure is completed and outlined, you can add clothing designs to it, using the lines of the body either as a guide, or erasing the extra lines for baggie clothing, then adding color to finalize the drawing.

What Schooling Would I Need to Make Fashion Sketches?

You can learn fashion sketches and techniques in fashion art programs, isolated online programs, or in class.

Fashion art programs would not only train your to make fashion sketches, you would learn about textiles, computer design programs, and the history of fashion, all bringing your fashion sketches to life. Fashion designer information would be provided, giving you a basic guide as to how the fashion industry operates from an experienced and professional point of view.

What Would the Courses Cover?

Mostly, courses related to fashion sketches include understanding the proportions of models, basic principles of modeling, using live models as a point of reference, as well as basic color and textile elements. Anything that has to do with fashion design would be included and could give you a competitive advantage in the design industry.

In a fashion arts program, you would not be isolated to simple fashion sketches, but rather, the understanding of trends in the fashion industry, as well as fashion basics, giving you a better grasp on what to draw. Such background would be one of the huge advantages of a fashion arts program as opposed to an isolated fashion sketch program.

What is the Job Market Like for Fashion Sketches?

The fashion industry is always lucrative and has openings for fashion designer jobs. New talent and ideas to set the way for future trends.

If you have an eye for style, like new and exciting textures, as well as color and design elements, fashion sketching may be a good career for you! Keeping your fashion sketches and submitting them to a number of design firms can serve as a great start-up tool as either a design assistant or as someone who can assist with patternmaking for fashion design.

For a fashion arts course, it may be mandatory to go through an assessment to see your employability to ensure you are able to enter the job market. Maintaining a portfolio of your fashion sketches would be of great benefit, as well as up to date knowledge of the fashion industry.

Talking to someone in the field is always the best way to understand the market!

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