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Fashion Designer Salary & Career Facts

Fashion Design

Fashion Designer Salary & Career Facts

Being a fashion designer is a dream that many fashion students have. Whether you are interested in becoming a haute couture designer or if you are interested in ready-to-wear pieces, the realm of fashion design is endless. With the ability to be an innovative creator in terms of the apparel available to the general population, fashion design is an ever-growing field. Designers are required to complete a series of tasks on a daily basis and are responsible for many aspects of the designing process. 

Fashion Designer Salary & Facts - Fashion Design Schools

Job Responsibilities

As previously mentioned, fashion designers will be required to partake in a variety of different job responsibilities. Some common expectations include:

• Development of patterns
• Creating hand drawn or computer sketches
• Overseeing the production of clothing
• Analyzing clothing and fashion trends
• Producing innovative and fresh concepts

As a fashion designer you will essentially be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, due to the fact that the designing process never ends. You will need to find a studio or workspace available for you and your team to design and develop the clothing. You may also be expected to bring your clothing to exhibitions to showcase your designs to the public or other industry leaders. 

Valuable Skills 

As with any career there are skills that you will need to hone in order to become an industry professional. The majority of fashion designers find these skills to be the most prevalent:

• Creativity
• Knowledge of color, texture, and pattern selection
• Visualize 3D creations
• Knowledge of grading, garment creation and pattern cutting
• Passion of industry trends

Another beneficial skill for a fashion designer is the ability to work in a collaborative environment. The majority of designers work with a team of other designing professionals to create the most advantageous designs. Therefore you must be able to effectively communicate and relay your design ideas for constructive criticism. 

The Three Areas of Design

There are three general areas of fashion design:

• Haute Couture: Creating highly expensive and exclusive garments. This will involve numerous fittings and alterations. Haute couture is reserved for those who have a specialized knowledge of the fashion industry.

• Ready-to-Wear: Ready-to-wear clothing is related to the development of moderately priced garments that are branded under the designer’s name. These garments are generally distributed to high-end retail locations.

• Designing for Mass Market Consumers: These particular garments are manufactured in larger numbers and have far less expensive price points than their successors. These garments are distributed to retail locations throughout the world for mass markets. 


The salary for fashion designers varies depending on the area of design that they work in. Also, the prevalence and popularity of the designer will determine how much money they acquire on an annual basis. The starting salary for designers ranges between $ 23,000.00 and $ 30,384.00. Senior designers can expect salaries between $ 91,000.00 and $ 150,000.00 annually.

As a fashion designer you will be responsible for overseeing the production of clothing. With the unlimited amount of creative leniency, many individuals are becoming interested in the fashion design industry and the benefits that it has to offer.

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