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Fashion Design Schools

Fashion Design

If you have a passion for clothing, have a keen eye for fashion, and have aspirations of working with the fashion industry in some capacity, then attending a fashion design school is an ideal post-secondary education option. With no shortage of schools and career options upon graduation, it is a great option for fashion forward individuals that want to turn a passion into a career.

Fashion Design School Programs

Schools of Fashion Design

Admission for being accepted into a fashion design program requires that you have a high school diploma and have

Degree and diploma programs include: taken a number of courses related to visual arts and art history. Programs in this subject area are offered at both the college and university level. There are also an increasing number of private and technical schools that are offering fashion programs.

• Fashion design
• Fashion studies
• Fashion arts

Some schools even offer specialization, so you can choose between fashion and jewelry. Depending on which school you select, programs are either 2 or 3 years in length and some also offer a one year post graduate course and co-op opportunities. 

Gaining experience is an important part of moving up in the industry. Therefore, it is important that you try to work in fashion in some capacity. Many students work in a retail setting in the fashion industry and work for both large retailers, small boutiques and some even work with local designers. If possible, securing an internship will only enhance your experience while in school. It will give your both practical experience and allow you to network with people that work in the fashion industry. Plus, you will have a better chance of getting a job once you graduate. 

Fashion Design School Courses

Here are some of the courses you can expect to take when going to a fashion design school:

• Clothing construction
• Pattern making
• Digital fashion design
• Textiles
• Product development
• Business of fashion
• Fashion marketing
• Merchandising
• Color theory
• Elements of design

Careers as a Graduate of a Fashion Design School

Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of different career settings such as with designers, in retail stores as well as have the change to work with distributors and manufacturers. Some of the most common career opportunities include:

• Wholesale managers
• Importer/exporter
• Product developer
• Retail manager
• Buyer
• Design assistant
• Merchandiser
• Fashion consultant

Many graduates also decide to open their own fashion boutique and there is a growing trend for former fashion students to also open an online store and sell their designs via the internet to get their name out there within the industry.

Going to a fashion design school will not only provide you with the theory and practical knowledge and skill to be successful, it will provide you with the guidance you need to be successful if you choose a career in the fashion industry. It is a highly competitive industry and formal education at a fashion design school will provide you with the tools you need to grow and evolve as the industry changes. 

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