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Campus Fashion Design Degree

Fashion Design

Campus fashion design is the practice of studying fashion which revolves around a certain campus’s culture. For instance, colleges have certain logos and student populations with distinct preferences, so campus fashion design would work around the student preferences and emerging trends. 

What Does Campus Fashion Design Entail?

Campus Degree in Fashion Design

A campus fashion design degree would teach you the basics of successful college design based on previous student purchases and upcoming student preferences. Certain elements that would contribute to your workload might include:

• Clothing styles for women
• Clothing styles for men
• Fashion design software and how to use it
• The history of fashion clothing
• Textile and pattern designs
• Subcultures of fashion
• Graphic imaging
• Logo design
• Marketing and targeted marketing practices
• General principles of art including drawing, design, and colour
• Eco-friendly practices and sustainable fashion

Looking at campus fashion from a multitude of areas would allow students to better understand the market that they are targeting and how to design fashions suitable to them. Unlike typical fashion design, innovation is less prominent, and trendiness is readily encouraged. 

What Type of Traits do Fashion Designers Typically Possess?

A fashion designer typically has a unique understanding of their craft, so being original is encouraged, as well as ‘out of the box’ thinking. Pop-culture is very alive in campus culture, so to be successful in campus fashion design, being up-to-date about the newest trends is essential.

Some personality traits that successful designers usually possesses include:

• A bold vision or strong understanding of what makes others stand out
• Leadership abilities
• An understanding of pop-culture and socioeconomic impacts on fashion
• Jotting down or drawing out concepts on paper
• General knowledge in the area of computer based design
• Team work capabilities
• A good eye for colour and design elements
• Understanding fashion history and culture
• A good understanding of marketing and promotion

There are many other traits that make for a successful candidate, but the traits above tend to work in the favor of a campus fashion designer. 

What Type of Training is Needed to Obtain a Campus Fashion Design Degree?

Fashion design schools sometimes offer specialty degree programs, but typically an undergraduate degree in design from an esteemed college is the safest route. Online programs are also available for students who are busy or for those who would like to work while they study.

There are a number of financially suitable options that can allow prospective designers to enter the field of campus fashion design. Although the field of campus fashion design is very specific, it is a growing industry since there is a large emphasis on post-secondary education now more than ever.

If campus fashion design seems like a field that you would be interested in, contacting a college directly about degree programs would be a great way to understand your course load, internships options, and job placement rates.

Another great way to understand the field of campus fashion design better is to contact someone in the field to see how they enjoy their work and what a typical workday consists of. Finally, online research is also a great way to better understand the field of campus fashion design.

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