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Network Engineer Salary & Career Facts

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If a career in technology is what you are looking for, attending an engineering school to earn a network engineering degree can be quite advantageous. Some of the highest paying careers in networking are given to network engineers. Considering that this avenue of study has increased in popularity due to the demand for these professionals, finding a reputable engineering school should be a simple venture. Once you have found an engineering course, you will be on your way to earning a reputable degree that will assist you with your future career prospects. 

Network Engineer Salary

Network Engineer Career Overview 

There are many different tasks that a network engineer will be responsible for on a daily basis. The majority of those with an engineering degree are involved in the design of hardware and software and ensuring that they are properly maintained. Network engineers generally work with LANs and WANs as they are high level analysts. 

Education Requirements 

Prior to enrolling in an engineering school, you will want to plan out your education path. The majority of people who work as network engineers have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This means that you will have to spend a minimum of 4 years in an engineering school. The majority of careers require prospective employees to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, therefore this requirement is not unexpected. With that being said, the more experience that you can gather from an engineering school will assist you with earning a higher paying job. 

Network Engineer Career Path 

Once you graduate from an engineering school with an engineering degree you will begin to search for the perfect career. Although the majority of companies in the world are looking for network engineers, it is important that you find a career that will fit your personal requirements. The majority of those with an engineering degree begin with entry-level positions and eventually get promoted to senior level engineers. The higher the promotion, the more money you will earn. 

Potential Employers

With an engineering degree from a reputable engineering school, you can find employment with a variety of top earning companies in the world. There is also the opportunity for you to open your own consulting firm. Some of the employers currently looking for network engineers include:

• Cisco Systems
• Microsoft
• Google
• Government Agencies
• eBay
• Yahoo
• Amazon 

Annual Salary Expectations 

As a graduate from an engineering school, there are many different titles that you can have within your career. These titles can bring in a range of different salaries. As an example, an entry-level position as a security operations engineer will earn $ 89,000.00. Whereas a senior level network engineer can earn between $ 130,000 and $ 160,000.00. Careers in network engineering are one of the highest paying technology careers in the world.

An engineering course can be quite beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing a high paying career. With the ability to attend an engineering course, you will learn all of the important components incorporated into a career as a network engineer.

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