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Electronic Engineering Salary & Career Facts


Electronic engineering is similar to electrical engineering; however individuals who have an electronic engineering degree will work with more commercial products. Those who have graduated from electronic engineering school will design and develop consumer products, such as TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances.

Career and Salary about Electronic Engineering

How much will I make with an electronic engineering degree?

The average starting salary for someone who has completed electronic engineering school is $ 60,000. As you advance in your career, you can expect to earn an average salary of $ 89,310.

Of course there are numerous other factors that will decide how much you will earn with an electronic engineering degree, such as where you attended electronic engineering school, any specialty engineering courses you may have taken, your geographic location, and what company you work for.

Attending electronic engineering school

• In order to work as an electronic engineer you will need to complete a four-year BA program in electronic engineering.
• Many electronic engineers also find it helpful to take math, science and computer science classes in addition to their engineering courses.
• Once you have completed your BA, you have the option to earn a Master’s degree, or a PhD in electronic engineering.
• Before you can get hired in the field you will need to be designated a Professional Engineer, which will consist of two tests, and a minimum of four years working in the field.
Working with an electronic engineering degree
• Someone with an electronic engineering combines science and engineering knowledge with commercial applications in order to meet the needs to consumers, and society as a whole.
• Electronic engineer school graduates will work extensively with computers.
• Most individuals work in an office or lab settings once they have graduated from electronic engineering school. Electronic engineering school graduates will typically work in development and design, however they can also be found in maintenance, production or testing.
• The majority of individuals who graduate electronic engineering school work a regular 40 hour 9 to 5 work week, however they have to work longer hours to finish a project, or in an emergency situation.
• Once you finish electronic engineering school you can expect to work for a company dedicated exclusively to engineering, the engineering department of a larger company, or a government agency.
• Many companies will pay for you to take ongoing electronic engineering courses in order to maintain your skillset, and to learn about new technologies, or practices. For some professional associations, and even licenses, it may be necessary to take a certain number of engineering courses per year.
Job prospects and growth
There is a high demand for individuals with an electronic engineering degree. Employment opportunities for electronic engineers have grown by 30.6% over the past five years, and are expected to continue to grow.

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