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Electronic Engineer FAQ's


Electronic Engineer FAQ's

What is electronic engineering? 

Electronic engineering deals with electricity supply and generation, mobile communications, computing, the internet, transport, television and radio, amongst others. Those with an engineering degree who work in electronics study the implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields. 

Electronic Engineer FAQ's - Electronic Engineer Schools

What sort of job can I expect with an electronic engineering degree? 

Once you have completed engineering school you will likely work for a company engaged in electronic engineering, such as communications/IT/computing sectors. Like many engineering degrees you will likely be paid handsomely, even in your first job out of school. 

What sort of salary can I expect with an electronic engineering degree? 

Like many engineering degrees, you can expect to earn approximately $ 60,000 per year as a starting salary. Of course, the amount of money you will make when you complete your electronic engineering degree will vary depending on geographic location, and the industry in which you work. 

What is the process to be accepted into electronic engineering school? 

In order to be accepted into engineering school, you will first need:

• Ahigh school diploma or GED. Most engineering school programs are offered at both a BA and an MA level, so you will also need to give some thought to how far you wish to go in engineering school.
• You will need to have strong grades, as many of these programs are quite competitive.
• Many engineering schools will also require an interview before you are accepted. This interview will typically be a panel interview, with school officials and professors. In order to prepare for this it is a good idea to look into what those professors may be studying, or focused on, so that you can refer to it. 

What can I expect form my engineering courses? 

Just as getting in to engineering school is difficult, and competitive, many of your engineering courses will be the same. Throughout most of the school year you will need to devote a full work day (9 to 5) to your engineering courses. This does not necessarily mean you will actually be in class for all of those hours, but you will need to set aside substantial study time, as well as time for homework, and projects. 

What else do I need to know? 

There are several accredited professional institutions that you can join once you have completed engineering school. A membership in one of these groups can provide you with networking opportunities, leads on jobs, as well as an outlet to display any work you may be proud of. A membership in one of these groups can also give you a leg up on some of the competition when it comes time to look for, and apply for a job.

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