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How much does a Teacher make per year?

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The profession has evolved tremendously over the years, with the introduction of alternative teaching methods and new technologies. To embrace teacher education and become a teacher, potential students should first look for teacher education schools that offer specialized teacher education degrees. 

How much does a Teacher make per year? - Teaching Schools

Depending on where you want to teach, in some countries certification is required before you can begin teaching. Certification usually first requires a teacher education degree first, either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree – before you can begin the process of becoming certified to teach.

There are also many different types of teachers, from pre-school teachers to college teachers. To become a pre-school teacher the teacher education degree you choose to pursue can be minimal. However, to become a college or university teacher a teacher education degree with a minimum of a master’s level is usually required.

Teacher Education Course Options

A teacher education school will offer a variety of courses depending on the level of teaching you want to do, and the speciality you would like to concentrate on. Her are a few examples:

Adult Education – this type of course will evaluate the needs and characteristics of adult learners and the social systems established to assist them. Students learn how to prepare learning materials, plan, implement and evaluate programs; consult and communicate effectively with adult learners.

Kindergarten I – This teacher education course will explore the theoretical foundations, the development of learners, program planning and implementation, assessment, the learning environment and ethical considerations.

Science and Technology Primary and Junior – This course is an introduction to teaching of science in the primary and junior divisions. It focuses on the development of teaching models, programs, materials and their evaluation.

Design and Technology Specialist – This course offers organization and curriculum development as they apply to technology programs and implementation of a technology program focusing on the Ontario curriculum, science and technology. Emphasis would be on development of a classroom ready program that addresses curriculum guidelines and incorporates current assessment and evaluation principles.

Health Education and Physical Education Primary/Junior – This course focuses on activities and practices for teachers of the primary/junior grades, with attention to current theory and philosophy. Primary program and motor skills development in dance, gymnastics and games; health education and organizational procedures.

Salary for Teacher Education Graduates

How much a teacher earns will depend on what subject they are teaching, and where they teach it. Smaller schools pay less, while someone who teaches in college will earn more.Their earnings depend on where they live, what their level of education is what they are planning to teach. Teachers who earn a master’s degree will generally earn more than a teacher with a bachelor's degree.

The starting median salary for most primary and junior teachers is $ 30,000 per year, whereas a college or university teacher’s median salary is much higher, at $ 84,500 due to the fact that it requires more education and experience.

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