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Adult Educator Salary & Career Facts

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Adult Educator Salary & Career Facts

Getting into teaching is a career that many students target. While most focus on going to university and then teachers college with the hopes of becoming an elementary or high school teacher, there are actually many other teaching jobs that they could pursue. One in particular is as an adult educator. If you think that is something that you would find interesting then you should look into your adult education school options and get an adult education degree.

Adult Educator Salary Expectations

While many people get into the teaching industry because they have a passion for teaching and want to help other people grow and achieve their goals, salary is always a factor in any career decision. On average, the yearly salary of an adult educator is approximately $50, 000. But, depending on your experience and working situation, you could make anywhere from $ 25, 000 to $ 60, 000 per year or more.

Factors that impact an adult educator’s salary

Here are some of the factors that have a direct impact on your salary expectations:

• The adult education school you attend
• The type of adult education degree you have
• The adult education courses to took as part of your training
• The type of adult education school you work for
• Full time vs. part time work
• The specific adult education courses you teach
• The company that you work for

The type of job that you have once you get your adult education degree from an adult education school is also a factor. 

Types of jobs include:

• Education manager
• Education coordinator
• ESL teacher
• Special education teacher
• Education program assistant

Adult Educator Career Facts and Interesting Information

Once you graduation from adult education school, there are a number of places where you could work. Where you work will depend on your adult education degree and area of specialization. They include:

• Board of education
• Colleges and universities
• Private career training schools
• Government funded initiatives
• Self employed
• Community agencies
• Professionalassociations
• Adult education schools abroad

Here are some additional adult education school career facts to think about:

• You will frequently work evening and weekends and full time during the summer.
• You Adult Education Degree often allows you to teach a specific course(s).
• Teaching at an Adult Education School internationally is a popular career option.
• Adult Education Courses are taken by a diverse group of people from immigrants, professionals, college students and people looking to complete their high school diploma.
• Adult educators are frequently recruited from countries across the world.
• An increasing number of adult educators are working as private tutors in addition to working at adult learning centers and other organizations.
• Many educators are trained professionals that teach on a part time basis.
• Duties and responsibilities will vary based on your position and the educational organization that you work for.
• Many adult educators are now teaching courses in an online setting.
• Many teachers college graduates work as adult educators while waiting for a permanent teaching position to open up.
• There will be an increased demand for teachers as the current workforce is getting ready to retire.

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