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Economics is a social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics students learn how to think critically, solve problems, work with numbers, and a variety of other skills. Students pursuing economics gain valuable research experience that prepares them for graduate school or various careers in business. The coursework in a reputable program also provides a strong grounding in economic theory, which helps open up additional career opportunities. Economics is also a popular dual major for finance and accounting majors because of the added theoretical and analytical dimension that advanced studies in economics contributes. 

Online Economics Degree - Economics Schools

Online Learning Options

Economics degrees at many colleges and universities offer a variety of learning options including online and distance learning. This gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace or to work a job to pay their way through school. This option is popular because it lends itself to adapting to students busy schedules of work, internships and other learning opportunities.

What courses are involved in an online economics program?

There are many different types of courses that students can take depending on the area they wish to specialize in after graduating and earning their degree. Careers in economics span law, governance, finance and so much more. Prospective students should look into courses and specializations that encompass theses differing areas and specializations.

Economic Theory - This course would place an emphasis on preparing students to work directly after graduation or to pursue graduate study in economics, agricultural economics, quantitative economic analysis, or other related research degrees. Students who concentrate on economic theory usually become economists involved with policy analysis for governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations.

Managerial Economics - This course is ideal for students planning for careers in business; it is useful for students planning to enter the job market upon graduation or as excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue a master of business administration (MBA) or master of public administration (MPA).

Pre-aw Economics - This class is for students who plan to attend law school or pursue a career related to political science. Students pursuing this concentration should also take complementary classes and design a their program of study to meet individual interests and educational goals.

International Economics and Trade - This course stream was created because of the increased globalization and interdependence among countries. Students focus on managerial and leadership skills and on enhancing competency in navigating the global economy through focused training in the areas of international economics and trade.

Employment Opportunities

Obtaining an online degree in economics prepares graduates for a variety of career fields including banking, corporate finance, insurance, personal finance and securities. There are many in-demand careers available for those interested in finance and economics. Analysts expect the field to grow by more than 23 percent over the next 10 years, faster than the average for all occupations.

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