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Preschool Director Certification

Childhood Education

As a preschool director you will work on a variety of different tasks relating to the school that you are employed to.  You will be required to manage staffing, the school’s curriculum and the finances of the educational institution.  The majority of preschool directors find it more advantageous to maintain their position as a teaching professional and then move onto administrative tasks in the future.  There is one imperative certification required of every individual who is interested in becoming a preschool director. 

Preschool Director Certification - Preschool Schools

Educational Certification Prerequisites

Prior to participating in the certification process you should become aware of the educational prerequisites required of you.  With the majority of certification programs, the participants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree and verified working experience in regards to developmental programs and young children.  You must also ensure that each class that you have participated in (high school and post secondary) has a grade average of above 65%.

Certification Program Coursework

When you decide that you want to become a preschool director and have enrolled in a certification program, you will delve into many areas of teaching and child development.  Becoming aware of the courses that you will partake in can be quite advantageous.  Some of the courses that you should expect include:

• Early Childhood Development
• Child Health
• Child Safety
• Curriculum Development
• Childhood Guidance
• Administration of Child Education

Throughout the courses that you take, you will gather all of the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the certification testing.  There are a variety of different certification programs that provide you with text based work and hands-on activities where you can shadow a preschool director and understand the daily tasks that will be required of you in your future career.

Certification Programs and Testing

With each certification program, you will be required to take a variety of courses, as per the examples above.  Once you have completed the courses and have acquired passing grades, you will then be prompted to sit in for a testing procedure.  The tests can vary depending on your area of residence, but the majority of tests are composed of both essay and multiple choice questions.  You can also expect to acquire a mentor lead hands-on experience at an education site that is chosen by your program.

Career Outlook

After you have passed your tests and have your certification in hand, you will be provided with the opportunity to work in any early education institution of your choice.  Although you may acquire a general teaching position at first and then be promoted to a director after gaining seniority, with your certification you will be given more immediate responsibilities.  The industry for preschool directors is extremely competitive, therefore schools will always be looking for individuals with the highest credentials.

As a preschool director you will be provided with the opportunity to shape young minds.  With the ability to acquire your director certification, you will not only become more employable but you will also experience the benefits associated with being a dedicated teacher.

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