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How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make?

Childhood Education

How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make?

Becoming a preschool teacher is a profession that will almost always have a market – because children will essentially, always be around. A preschool teacher is a type of early childhood educator that instructs children usually from the age of 3 to about five or six. This is the youngest range of early childhood education, which normally goes up to the age of eight or nine.

How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make? - Preschool Teacher

A preschool teacher is different from a normal teacher mainly due to the fact that they are encouraged to have an education in the field of early childhood education from an accredited college or university or a related subject. Using the term “preschool” means that instruction is taking place in non-public arenas such as preschools, daycare centres and childcare centres. Preschool is also sometimes referred to as “pre-kindergarten”, when it is funded, whole or in part, by the local public school system. 

Preschool teachers must be able to work well and interact with young children. Preschool children have a short attention span and their worries are usually fairly simple. Most preschoolers are loving, affectionate, and playful, and like to play games, be read to, or play with toys.

Most recently, figures from 2010, the median salary earned by preschool teachers was $ 25,870 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest 10 percent earn approximately $ 17,030 – while the highest 10 percent earned greater than $ 43,660. Hourly pay rates for preschool teacher’s average from $ 9.64 to $ 13.50, with overtime paying from $ 12.73 to $ 18.75 per hour.

Although the salary for a preschool teacher may seem slightly on the low end, there are many ways for preschool teachers to earn additional income. Specialization in specific areas such as teaching another language or handling children with learning or behavioral issues will increase earning potential. It is also known that preschool teachers who have the right training and education can easily move on to administrative positions at private of public preschool and elementary institutions.

Also, experience does not always mean that you will earn a better salary. In this profession, it is not uncommon for pay to decrease over the years once a preschool teacher reaches a certain pay range. These are simply statistics of the average for a preschool; however, wages could differ greatly depending on which country you choose to work in.

Educational institutions from around the world offer programs and training in preschool teaching and early childhood education with many also offering the option for advanced degrees in teaching, childcare and education. Online training is also a viable option to get specialized training in early childhood education. Performing the necessary research to find the program and school that is right for you, is the first step to becoming a preschool teacher. Although the salary may be lower than most teaching and education professionals, the rewards are exponential when shaping the minds and characters of the next generation.

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