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Early Childhood Schools

Childhood Education

There are many people that have a desire to work with kids. They know early on in their lives that working with children in some capacity is what they want to do with their career and in most cases, these are the people that go on to be teachers. But, teaching is not the only career options if you want to work with children. A great alternative that will also have you working in the classroom with children is early childhood education. People with degrees in this area are in demand and we need them to work in our school systems and in the community in many different roles. 

Schools for Early Childhood

Why go to early childhood school 

Going to early childhood school is the perfect alternative to going to school to become a teacher. You will spend less time in early childhood school and you will still have the opportunity to work in a classroom or day care setting with young school age children. But, there are some academic institutions that are offering the program in a more expansive format. Therefore, you can now go to early childhood school and graduate with a diploma, certificate, or degree.

Many students are turning to early childhood school because professionals with early childhood degrees are increasingly in demand as a large portion of the teaching workforce is now retiring. This creates an ideal situation for early childhood school graduates.

Many childcare professional also choose to do this degree as a way to improve their career. Since programs are offered full time and part time, many people that already work in schools and childcare facilities can work on their degree while working. 

What to look for in early childhood schools 

There are a number of things that you need to think about when considering early childhood schools. They include:

• Admission requirements
• Work placement opportunities
• Graduate employment rate
• Early childhood course offerings
• Post graduate early childhood degree options 

About the early childhood degree 

The early childhood degree is offered at the college level in most instances. It is offered by the majority of community colleges as a two year program. It commonly falls under the community services umbrella and is directly associated with other diploma programs such as child and youth care, social work, and nursing. 

Early childhood course selection

When going to early childhood school, you need to think about the education experience that you will receive. This is why early childhood course selection is important, especially if you want to specialize in a particular area or do a post graduate early childhood degree or continuing education in a related area of study.

Here are some of the courses that will be included in the early childhood degree program:

• Health and wellness for children
• Observation skills
• Child development
• Psychology of learning
• Child program development
• Teaching practice
• Creating curriculum
• Child behaviour
• Child learning assessment
• Families and community

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