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Early Childhood Educator Salary and Career Facts

Childhood Education

With many school boards and districts shifting their approach to education and using more specialized education professionals and assistants in schools, positions such as early childhood school educators have opened up and are currently in demand. This means that going to early childhood school and getting an early childhood degree from a reputable community college is a great alternative to going to teachers college, especially if you have a preference to work with younger children, babies, and infants. 

Early Childhood Salary and Career

About Early Childhood School Educators

Early childhood school graduates can work in a variety of educational and childcare settings. While many work in daycares and community centers, there are an increasing number of people with early childhood degrees that are working in school classrooms across the country in a role that is similar to a teacher’s assistant. The main role of early childhood school educators is to plan and organization educational activities for pre-school and school age children, similar to the role of a kindergarten teacher.

Early Childhood Educator Salary

Salary is always a consideration, no matter what career students are thinking about pursuing. Early childhood school graduates can make anywhere from $ 25, 000 to $ 50, 000 per year.
However, there are many factors that can have an impact on your salary. The most important factors include the school district where you work, the type of organization that you work for, your early childhood degree, as well as your experience.

If you want to maximize your salary as an early childhood school graduate, it is important that you take post graduate early childhood courses and obtain any additional certifications that will allow you to ask for more money.

Early Childhood Educator Career Facts

The following are some interesting and informative career facts that all early childhood students should consider when weighing their career options. They include:

• The majority of early childhood school graduates work in day care facilities or early childhood centers.
• An early childhood degree will boost your earning potential and level of responsibility if you work in a day care.
• You will make more money if you work in a primary school setting.
• Students with an early childhood degree can hold a variety of job titles. Some of the most common include child care worker, early childhood educator, pre-school teacher, and early childhood school assistant.
• Early childhood courses and education focuses on not only methods to take care of young children, but also how to develop activities and curriculum that will help children develop motor and learning skills. In this sense, an early childhood course is about much more than childcare.

Early childhood education is a great education and career choice for students that want to work with young children, but do not want to put in the time and money into going to teachers college.

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