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Certified Preschool Teacher Career and Certification

Childhood Education

Certified Preschool Teacher Career and Certification

Specialized education training is become increasingly important if you want secure a position in the education industry. Teaching jobs are highly competitive and specializing in a specific area can give you an edge when it comes to landing a position. 

An evolving career in the education industry is certified preschool teachers. With the education industry completely saturated with prospective teachers, more and more students are looking to specialize in different areas of education. It is a great career if you love to work with children and want to work in a school setting with primary school aged children. 

Certified Preschool Teacher Career and Certification - Education Schools

Skills, Abilities, and Duties

If you want to have a career in teaching, having a passion for children is a must. This is why most people enter this field. When it comes to teaching in a preschool setting, teachers are expected to do more than just play with the kids. They are expected to:

• Develop and implement educational programs

• Work with children to develop social, interpersonal, emotional, and physical skills

• Develop good channels of communication with students and parents

Educational Requirements and certification

While most teaching jobs require that you complete a Master’s Degree in Education upon completion of an undergraduate degree, requirements for preschool teaching is a little different. 

While your academic credentials may vary based on where you want to teach and the school board you are planning on working for, in general, you will be required a college diploma in early childhood education from a community college. However, some areas only require that you have a high school diploma. 

Here are some of your education program options if you are interested in a career as a certified preschool teacher:

• Early Childhood education
• Child Development
• Bachelor of Education

The majority of these programs offer a co-op component that allows students to gain some practical experience working with child in different age categories. Placements often take place in day care centers, kindergarten classrooms, and all students get the chance to work with infants and primary grade level children. 

Students may also be required to complete a certification course. Depending on your location, there may be a number of different certification levels to complete before full certification is granted. 

All people working with children will also be required to get a police background check as part of the application process to work in an environment with children. 

Work while you learn

Many prospective students work in the industry while pursuing certification. This is a great way to gain experience while working on your diploma. There are also many volunteer opportunities available to gain experience and build up your resume. 

Career Paths

Once you graduate from an accredited preschool teacher program, students have a number of job opportunities in many different settings. They include:

• Elementary and private schools
• Nurseries
• Child care centers
• Community centers
• Hospitals and care facilities
• Private nannies and care givers

Becoming a certified preschool teacher does not mean that you have to be a preschool teacher. There are a number of other great career choices for you to consider. Many graduates are also using this certification as a springboard to open their own child care facility and many operate as a home based business. If you love kids, this is a great career choice. 

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