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Media Design Salary & Career Facts

Multimedia Design

Media Design Salary & Career Facts 

The role of a media designer is to create print and electronic material to communicate messages and ideas. Sometimes called graphic designers, this is an important role in a growing and competitive field. A designer uses various elements to put together a product that will influence buyers, consumers or whoever the target audience is.

Media Design Salary & Career Facts - Media Design SchoolsBy using layout, color, typography, images and animation, they provide the look and feel that represents a company, product or concept. The job of a media or graphic designer may include producing websites, advertisements, social media pages, packages, logos or other designs. Media designers must be creative and able to work on tight deadlines. Basic art skills are needed, but you create and perfect your final products on computers. 

Education Requirements

Media designers should have a least some natural artistic ability, and a creative flare that will help them excel in the field. A college or university will provide you with the technical abilities – but they cannot teach creativity per se. There are many four year design programs that allow you to specialize in different areas of design such as 3-D graphics. During your program be sure to take courses that feed your passion and also give you the skills to specialize in a specific area. Being more adaptable and also having an area that you excel in will be good for job prospects later on – after graduation.

Taking on internships will also be a benefit after graduation. It will help you to gain on the job experience and assist in building your portfolio of work. Working in a particular industry can also give you an edge among your competition. For example, working in software development or IT will give you a unique skill set that you can use to advance. 

Required Skill Sets

Alongside a comprehensive and well-rounded education in art and design, employers look for media designers who have the creativity to make their company stand out from a crowd and the know-how to implement their ideas. Some of the basic skills a new designer should be equipped with are:

• Fluency or working knowledge of design and web development software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, HTML and CSS
• Strong communication skills
• Self-discipline and the ability to work on a deadline
• Awareness of consumer tastes and trends
• Knowledge of computer programming
• Photo editing skills
• Knowledge of their industry 

Salary Information

Like any career path you choose, your salary is highly dependent upon the industry and organization you choose to work in. The private sector can be much more lucrative than the government and working in the corporate world may be more lucrative than in the not for profit sector.

Most recent labour statistics show the median salary for a graphic designer at about $ 44,000. The lowest earning made less than $ 26,000, while the highestearning made more than $ 79,000. Usually staff and freelance designers earn less than senior designers and design directors.

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