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How Much Does a Digital Media Designer Make Per Year?

Multimedia Design

How Much Does a Digital Media Designer Make Per Year?

Careers in media design are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits associated with acquiring such a beneficial degree. One of the most popular careers in the media design industry is a digital media designer.  If you are interested in partaking in this career for the remainder of your life, becoming aware of the salary ranges is of the utmost importance.  Based on your industry, region, and work experience, the salary that a digital media designer makes per year can differ. 

How Much Does a Digital Media Designer Make Per Year? - Digital Media Design Schools

Work Experience and Job Title

Two of the most important factors that will determine how much money you make on an annual basis are your job title and the amount of work experience that you have.  With work experience comes skills, and the more skills that employees have equates to a higher wage amount.  When you are applying for a career in the digital media design field, you will want to showcase your industry talent and experience to your employer to ensure that you earn the appropriate salary.  For those with 2-3 years of experience, they can expect to earn between $ 54,000.00 and $ 67,000.00 annually.

Region Based Salaries

In order to become a successful digital media designer, you have to live in an area that will provide you with the most opportunities.  Those who reside within municipal or metropolitan areas will have a larger salary than those who live in more rural areas.  Considering that the vast majority of media design firms are found in large cities, moving closer to a metropolitan area can be quite advantageous.  For those living in rural areas, you may be able to find an online media design job opportunity that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home.  Those living in populated areas can earn between $ 63,000.00 and $ 83,000.00 whereas media designers living in rural areas can earn between $ 41,000.00 and $ 53,000.00.

Industry Based Salaries

Once you are equipped with your digital media design degree, you will be provided with the opportunity to apply for a variety of jobs.  Depending on what industry you decide to work in, your salary may differ.  This is why it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you select the right industry for your personal and financial needs.  As an example, an individual who is interested in becoming a software designer will make a higher salary than a graduate who wants to become a graphic artist.  Finding the perfect career will allow you to make a hefty salary in the future.

Digital media design is one of the most popular programs offered from any college or university.  With the ample amount of career opportunities offered to graduates with this type of degree, the career options are relatively endless.  Also, you will be able to make a large salary to ensure the financial security of you and/or your future family.

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