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Campus Digital Media Design Degree

Multimedia Design

Campus digital media design is geared towards the student population at certain post-secondary institutions. Typically, the duties include computer technology and graphic design elements, as well as multimedia and editing responsibilities. 

What Type of Courses are Taught in a Campus Digital Media Design Degree Program?

Campus Degree in Digital Media Design

There are a number of different courses that are taught in a campus digital media design program, including, but not limited to:

• Web and media design
• Trends and sub-cultures
• New digital media technology
• The art of interactive design
• Digital photographic imaging
• Basic and advanced animation techniques
• Digital design and printing
• Interactive media design
• Video production
• Website design
• Virtual design 
There is also a print design course, as well as graphics programs, and multi media courses. All the above courses allow digital media design students to branch out into different fields of expertise and gain a diverse understanding of design elements and practices. 

What Career Options are Possible with a Media Design Degree?

There are a number of different options that can be obtained after graduating from a media design degree program, including:

• Animation jobs
• Motion graphics design
• Videographer
• Web design
• Illustration
• Digital printing
• Interactive media development
• Interactive media design

There are other career options, but the above options are the most common and lucrative positions in the field of media design. 

What Credentials are Needed to Enter the Field of Campus Digital Media Design?

The program of campus digital media design is fairly specialized, so checking a number of different colleges may be necessary. Obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s of Digital Media degree would allow you to utilize placement options, which you could then use within the campus environment.

There are also online digital media design degree programs that can be used if you have little to no time to attend a post-secondary institution full time, or if you have a full-time job. Online courses work around your schedule and still give you enough background to branch out into campus digital media design. 

What is the Job Market Like for Campus Digital Media Design Graduates?

Post-secondary education is becoming mandatory for almost all industries (retail, fashion, technology, social services, etc.) so campuses are going to grow and evolve with the booming influx of students.

The average salary for a digital media design specialist is upwards to about $ 70,000.00 per annum, so depending on the campus, the pay may be higher lower, but the salary is still lucrative. As well, you have the option to start freelance work on the side, and can apply your knowledge to help students learn how to work within digital media design field if they are in the process of learning.

A campus digital media design degree is a great way to learn diverse and enriching techniques in both multimedia and websites design, as well as gain enough experience to start freelance work.

With the large influx of students presently enrolling in colleges, the job opportunities seem to be taking off, so speaking to someone in the field of campus digital media design or speaking to a college directly is the best way to understand the role, course load, and requirements.

Online research is a great tool to use, as well as a great way to answer any other questions you might have about campus digital media design!

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