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How To Become A Dental Assistant

Dental & Dentistry

The dental industry is a great career choice. It is in good standing and there are lots of opportunities for dental assisting school graduates. In fact, it has a more than 90% job rate for dental assisting school students upon graduation. This alone is a great reason to pursue a dental assisting degree once you graduate from high school. 

How To Become A Dental Assistant - Dental Assistant School

Why Become a Dental Assistant?

Most dental assisting school students choose this education path because they are interested in a career that allows then to work with people on a regular basis, does not require them to spend year and years in dental assisting school, and allows them to make a decent wage. 

Here are some additional reasons why you should considering becoming a dental assistant:

• You can work in many different setting within the dental industry
• Dental assisting opens the door for further education in the field (mainly dental hygiene)
• Many dental assistants move on to more prominent roles in the office such as office manager or move on to work in dental sales.
• Dental assistants make a competitive salary.
• Dental assisting school only takes 10 months to complete. Check with your local college for dental assisting degree and program specifics.

7 Steps to Become a Dental Assistant

Here are the steps involved with becoming a dental assistant and going to dental assisting school:

1. Complete your high school diploma: This is the first step in the process. Talk to your guidance counselor about the courses you should be taking to prepare yourself for the dental assisting program.

2. Make sure you have all dental assisting school requirements: If you are missing a course or two you can also go to night school and pick up these courses before you start your dental assisting degree.

3. Complete all required dental assisting courses: Since the dental assisting degree is very specialized and catered to a specific job, the majority of your dental assisting course schedule will be pre-determined.

4. Complete your dental assisting course placement: The length of your placement will depend on the program offerings at the dental assisting school you attended. Make this time count and leave a good impression. This could lead to employment at this dental office.

5. Get your dental assisting school diploma: This will qualify you as a dental assistant level 1. To qualify for level 2 status, you will need to write and pass the certification exam.

6. Study for and write the certification exam: Your dental assisting degree will prepare you to write the exam. Refresh your memory, study, and write the exam.

7. Start the job search: Most dental assisting programs have a job board that posts dental assisting jobs for students. It is also a good idea to remain in touch with the office you did your placement at to see if they have any positions available.

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