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How Much Does a Curriculum Instructor Make Per Year?

Curriculum & Instruction

How Much Does a Curriculum Instructor Make Per Year?

What is Curriculum Instruction?

Curriculum instruction is a the process of creating specific curricula for different grade groups as well as making sure that they fit legal guidelines for their grade level. Usually, curriculum instruction is a route of employment that is taken on after a seasoned teaching career takes place. As such, a background in teaching is needed
to understand student needs. 

 Much Does a Curriculum Instructor Make Per Year? - Curriculum Instructor Schools

What Type of Role Does Curriculum Instruction Include? 

Curriculum instruction is a diverse field that utilizes many teaching tools and regulations to give students the adequate education for their age bracket and course type. Education curriculum development jobs may include:

• Observing different classes to understand teaching strategies
• Understanding federal standards to ensure quality education is being delivered
• Making teaching plans and training outlines for teachers
• Ensuring all technology and resources for classes are well maintained for future use
• Picking out appropriate textbooks for classroom use
• Training teachers if necessary

There may be other roles and responsibilities, but overall, curriculum instruction typically involves ensuring that the proper teaching techniques are being delivered to students on a daily basis.

What Skills are needed to Enter Curriculum Instruction?

There are a set of skills necessary to enter curriculum instruction that include previous employment in education, as well as:

• An understanding of networking and marketing techniques
• A sound understanding of computers and technology
• Interpersonal communication abilities, both written and oral
• Visual capabilities
• Being insightful into student needs and educational requirements

The most important skills for curriculum instruction are the understanding of educational requirements and how to deliver them appropriately.

What Schooling is needed to Enter Curriculum Instruction?

Post-secondary schooling is a must to enter curriculum instruction, especially at the master’s degree level. A degree in teaching is the most beneficial and can be acquired from an accredited post-secondary school. As well, a teaching license is not always a must, but may be needed depending on what state you work within. Some schooling options may include:

• A bachelor degree or master degree course (in-school or online)
• Part-time degree courses (in-school or online)
• Fast-track degree courses (depending on the school)

As well, there may be other post-secondary schooling options to better suit your life style, hours, and home-life. Contacting a reputable school directly is the best way to see what options are available to you.

What is the Salary Like Within Curriculum Instruction?

The pay rate can depend on the school you teach at, so really the location, hours, and demand can all affect your salary. Overall, the job can pay anywhere from $ 30,000.00 per year to $ 90,000.00 per year. There is no off-time during the summer, so the pay remains constant year round which can be a large perk related to
curriculum instruction.

How do I get Started?

If curriculum instruction seems like a field you would like to enter, speaking directly to a post-secondary school is a great way to understand the course structure and start dates for your program. As well, speaking to current curriculum instructors is a great way to understand the work itself and lifestyle that comes with it!

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